• What do you really see deep in your eyes when you look in the mirror? Feel in your Heart when you wake in the morning? Sense in your body? If it‘s not exhileration, passion and vitality there’s work to do.

    And don’t fool yourself. Your ultimate holistic journey is to succeed and thrive as a human being. If you’re ready I’m here to help. That’s part of my life purpose, what’s yours?



Creative Wellness with London and International Holistic Expert Richard Brook. Discover the many tools he has to help you, from acupuncture treatments, yoga classes and events to bespoke wellbeing programmes featuring acupuncture, yoga, meditation and holistic education. Retreat and Corporate wellness specialist, media holistic consultant, Blogger and Vlogger. Founder of Creative Wellness and programme facilitator at the world renown Moinhos Velhos juice detox retreat in the Algarve – rated as one of the top 10 in the world by The Times

Richard facilitates retreats at the amazing Moinhos Velhos, Algarve. Experience his signature Spiral Walk Meditation, 5 Elements Acupuncture, Dru Yoga, Holistic Education and Body-mind workshops within one of most potent natural environments on the planet.

Founder of Creative Yoga, Richard quickly established his reputation for unique and innovative classes. He works strongly with the principle of yoga as ‘union’ – all the way from connection with the world around you to ultimately the deeper layers of your own being.

5 Elements Treatment is aimed at the underlying cause of symptoms – as opposed to the symptoms alone – which enables an overall renewed sense of vitality and vigour, increased energy, greater enjoyment of life, better sleep and digestion.

As featured in and worked with…

Richard has worked with multi-national companies. Services include on-site yoga and wellbeing seminars, conference workshops, specialist events to bespoke programmes with treatments, classes and workshops in your location, my London studio or retreat.

Bespoke ongoing or intensive programmes for you, with your partner or friends. They treat, teach and educate. Featuring 5 Elements Acupuncture, Dru Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Creative Visioning and crucially Holistic Education to also engage the mind.

Richard’s views on all things natural and holistic – from explaining the nature and dynamics of your destiny, listening to singing plants through to the challenges and impact of the urban environment on your body. “Destiny is within, not some distant object or intangible ether…

Visit the Ultimate Holistic Blog: True Achievement In Life?

“I often say to my patients that true achievement is in balancing ALL elements of your life, not just your perception of achieving at work which is a common pattern. It’s the place where you can look across all aspects of your life, social, work, personal, professional, home and your state of health and wellbeing and think yes, all is well, I am achieving as a well rounded human being!”  Visit Blog

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