With International Wellbeing Expert Richard Brook. From specialist 5 Elements acupuncture treatments to bespoke wellbeing programmes featuring acupuncture, yoga, meditation and holistic education. Currently based in London and at the world renown Moinhos Velhos retreat near Lagos – rated as one of the top 10 in the world by The Times Newspaper. Richard’s speciality is treating the interaction between our physical body, emotions and mind.

Acupuncture Testimonials

“My recent course of acupuncture with Richard was one of the most effective, powerful healing journeys I’ve ever been on. His approach is absolutely holistic – he treats the whole of you – mind, body, soul.

I believe he is not just well trained, he is actually gifted – he instinctively knows where every needle should go, and often you can’t even feel them…”

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Personal Wellness Coaching

Bespoke intensive or ongoing wellness programmes with Richard giving maximum personal tuition. They treat, teach and educate.

Featuring acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, deep relaxation, visioning ceremonies and crucially holistic education to also learn to understand how natural forces and life choices act on you and influence your wellbeing. London and internationally.

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Detox Retreats – next Oct 8th

Come and join Richard with his amazing Spiral Walk Meditation, 5 Elements Acupuncture, Dru Yoga and Body-mind workshops at the extraordinary Moinhos Velhos detox retreat in the Algarve.

7 or 10 days juice fasting in a unique environment. There is probably no other place on Earth with the same power to cleanse, purify and regenerate.

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Some questions for you…

  • Are you looking for a treatment that considers all aspects of you, your physical body, your emotions, and your thoughts?
  • Are you looking for a treatment that considers your relationship with the world around you – your activities, occupations, relationships?
  • Are you looking for a therapy that doesn’t just see you or label you as a condition or symptom but instead treats to support and strengthen your overall health and improve your general vitality?
  • Are you looking for a treatment that sees you rightfully as a unique individual, and is adapted to meet your needs?
  • Are you looking to be treated by a leading holistic expert, experienced and caring, who is well versed in acupuncture AND can provide many other natural health practices to give you the support and attention you deserve?

Good, you’re in the right place!

Richard Brook Holistic Expert London and International

So what do I treat? Richard’s Five Elements Acupuncture Blog

The most common question I get asked is what do I treat? This should quite thoroughly answer that question!

“People often ask me what do I do, and what do I treat? Well the answer to that, if I could sum it up, is that I do ‘Life Acupuncture’. “Life Acupuncture?” you may ask. See the point is that everything we do in life effects our health, and thus we need treatment which considers all aspects of who we are, and what we do. Read More

“I often say to my patients that true achievement is in balancing ALL elements of your life, not just your perception of achieving at work which is a common pattern. It’s the place where you can look across all aspects of your life, social, work, personal, professional, home and your state of health and wellbeing and think yes, all is well, I am achieving as a well rounded human being!”

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