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Yin & Yang and The Forces of Nature

Looking at our relationship to Yin & Yang and the natural environmental forces that act on us and move us through life. Living in modern day, shielded environments from nature can really skew our awareness and attunement to natural flow and compromise our health. How attuned are you?

Yin & Yang in Yoga Postures

Our human state exists on a spectrum from the Yin, solidity, of the body through to the Yang, ethereal nature of our thoughts, and we answer to both forces. So when you enter a posture, how driven are you by the Yang force of your mind or the Yin signals coming from your body?

Unity Meditation with Richard

Richard teaches some exquisite meditations. He works strongly with the traditional essence of yoga as ‘union’. This meditation allows you to integrate the different levels of your being – When are you ever more whole then when you are connected to all the various levels that make you up as a human?

Path of Division – Words of Wisdom

I’ve often written about how we all have a Dao, or path, which in health we follow and all is good, and how sometimes we stray from it. I had something come through my consciousness about how the separation from our Tao, or natural path occurs, and the stages it happens in and how this fits with a Chinese medicine / acupuncture perspective

Couples Yoga – Try It!

I taught the UK’s only dedicated Couples Yoga classes. I firmly believe that being truly holistic means bringing quality mindfulness and presence to all areas of your life. Awakening your senses and increasing your sense of embodiment is perfect to practice with your partner!

Taoism – Richard’s Words of Wisdom


‘We live in a great universal ‘One’. Within that ‘One’ in any given moment you have a place, where in balance your energy meets the world to enable you to be fully whole, to feel at ‘One’. It’s a path of exploration, where our energy will constantly moment to moment lead us and be drawn toward those energies and vibrations which lead to balance and health.

The 5 Elements Of Your Mind

Have you ever wondered about the thought patterns that you experience in your mind? Like everything else they have patterns, here I explain how your thought patterns (or ‘internal dialogue’) relate to the energy of the organs within your body and the condition and calibration of the 5 Elements within you, as identified from a Taoist perspective.

Sun Moon Dance

Since the late 90’s I’ve taken part in Sun Moon and Drum Dances. These dances came over to the Western World through a vision that a Native American, Beautiful Painted Arrow Joseph Rael had. At these dances you dance for 2 or 3 days without Food and Water. Sounds extreme?

Spiral Walk Meditation – Mental & Emotional Cleansing

“Letting go.” If only it was as easy to put it into practice as it is to coin the phrase, which appears with such regularity particularly in natural health and alternative medicine practices. Before I launch into my main topic, and also as an antidote to the over-abundant use of the notion of ‘letting go’ I’ll also add that i’m firmly in the camp of understanding that life is always a balance of yin and yang

Addictions: Part 2

In Part 2, we look at the dynamic of understanding your reactions through your body (as opposed to predominately the mental level, where we can misinterpret the gravity of our thoughts) and the importance of practices which integrate the different levels of ourselves.

Addictions: Part 1

I had a bit of a difficult time recently with some of the strain of the busy urban lifestyle and following on from it decided to film a video blog about addictions, the relationship to Stress and how we experience addictions on the different levels of the body, mind and spirit. Hope you find some of it useful!

Acupressure Points to Alleviate Stress & Anxiety

I recently contributed to an article on the symptomatic use of Acupressure points to alleviate Stress and anxiety, here’s a snippet! “It’s also important to keep what you are trying to achieve by pressing a point in its correct context. It’s fundamental to understand that whenever you energetically treat a point on yourself, or anyone

Autumn Detox

As well as having an acupuncture practice in London and running Creative Yoga London, I also teach, treat and run workshops at Moinhos Velhos, renowned detox centre in the Algarve (rated top 10 in the world by Times Newspaper) as part of their programmes. Part of being healthy is attuning to the energy of the seasons and how they influence our body.

Finding Mike: The Stranger on The Bridge

I recently treated Mental Health Campaigner Jonny Benjamin. Jonny featured in the national media campaign and Channel 4 Documentary “Finding Mike: The Stranger On the Bridge” about his quest to find a stranger who talked him out of committing suicide on Waterloo bridge.

Holistic Wellness Coaching

So for those of you who might be wanting a little bit of help with finding some way with a more holistic way of life, I can be of assistance through my Holistic Wellness coaching business. In my holistic coaching I roll together many threads of my knowledge and experience which will help you to find more balance in your life. It’s tailored to your needs, just like a acupuncture treatment is.

So What is Yoga?

Believe it or not I wrote this while standing in the pub after the last Singles Yoga class, watching everyone around me who’d been at the class having a great time at the social! “Yoga is a sense of unity, which through repeated practice on the mat, starts to permeate through your entire being consciously as being your natural state”

The Singing Plant :-)

This fantastic piece of equipment at Moinhos Velhos, (originally from Italian community Damanhur) picks up and interpretes the vibration of a plant as music. So therefore as you interact with the plant, so it changes it’s tune accordingly 🙂

What Do I Treat?

People often ask me what do I do, and what do I treat? Well the answer to that, if I could sum it up, is that I do ‘Life Acupuncture’. “Life Acupuncture?” you may ask. See the point is that everything we do in life effects our health, and thus we need treatment which considers all aspects of who we are, and what we do.
For me, long gone are the days of

Spring is Coming!

Massive period of growth going on here, how are you? So as ever with the more seasonal newsletters we try and place our human experience into the context of nature that we so often become disconnected from in our modern urban lives. So Spring is all about growth, around us and within us – as since I always like to remind you – you are part of nature too, even if you sometimes forget!

Latest Appearance on Trusseau TV

In my regular appearances so far I’ve discussed the philosophy behind my yoga and wellbeing classes; how acupuncture works and what it can treat; the challenges of the modern urban lifestyle (in particular connection with other people) and the Native America style Sun Moon Dances I attend – where you dance for 3 days without food and water! More on those…

Who Are You Really? And What Do You Really Need?

It’s been a long few weeks since Christmas for me and the Creative Yoga project. We’ve been going through a massive expansion and it’s taken a monster amount of work from me and the team. The events we’ve been running have quadrupled and I’ve been trying to make sure the same thread and essence of connection between people has remained the same, true to it’s roots and development.

It’s Christmas Time!

So it’s coming up to the festive period again (I say again, as the older I get the quicker it seems to come around!) which tends to bring with it a fair few challenges for most of us. So what is nature telling us? It’s a big theme in my acupuncture and yoga work to observe the natural patterns of energy that are going on around us


Stress – not the most desirable thing in life. We can buffer a certain amount of strain in life, certain amount of stress (and i’d most definately recommend you try and spent your vital energy on excitement rather than overbearing stress) but the longer term consequences are that the body enters into a pattern which sends the natural movement of energy within the internal organs into a state of imbalance. The ‘Yang’ organs which drive you out into the world become strained and…

Singles Yoga – Is this Yoga? Class Dynamics

I often get asked about how I feel the connection events such as Yoga Dating fit against a common viewpoint which often perceives Yoga as an ‘individual’ practice. Well, the fact that it’s often practiced individually has little to do, in my opinion, with what yoga is essentially all about. The essential meaning of yoga is ‘unity’

Singles Yoga – Social Aspect

So the Singles Yoga classes continue to stir up a lot of interest! People are obviously interested in finding more conscious ways to connect with others – even if it challenges some of their preconceived ideas.

5 Elements of What?

So what are the 5 Elements part of? Elements of what? Here Richard Brook talks about how the 5 Elements themselves are also identified as being part of the two phases of Yin and Yang and then goes on to identify what is behind Yin and Yang; Source Energy and your Soul!

Relationship to ‘Work and Soul Calling’

When we don’t really have a clear idea of our relationship to Natural forces – such as Yin and Yang and how they effect our physiology, we can often strain ourselves by overly aligning to work. In this blog I also talk about awareness of your ‘Soul calling’ and becoming more tuned into it – and how apparently subtle changes in direction can make you feel much better!

Being ‘Embodied’

Staying ’embodied’ while meeting another person – I notice often that when we are alone we can hold our presence and awareness in our own body, but when we meet another person that can prove more difficult – we tighten up and our energy can become scattered!

Working from Home & Office – Health Tips

Working from home and using computers and laptops can provide a few health challenges! Richard Brook shares a few tips to stay vibrant. N.B – when mentioning around day light on your retina the suggestion is to open the window – this is because particular spectrums of light that you need don’t pass through glass.

Naturally More Attractive – The Power of Your Heart Energy

I did a couple of Singles Yoga events with the legend that is leading dating coach Hayley Quinn. Hayley is extremely well known in the Dating Industry and is unique in that she’s a lady who intensively coaches guys as well as women. Part of what she coaches is how to approach women and my blog is about how from an Holistic perspective the radiance of your Heart Energy can influence this and how attractive you are!

Nature and Negative Ions

Don’t worry I’m not about to get all hippy on you now (I think it’s probably too late for that lol!) I love lots of things about city life and the creative consciousness that it brings, but it’s good not to lose connections with our ‘natural roots’ and the benefits connection with a natural setting can also bring. One of the difficulties of modern living, particularly urban, is that the ‘vibrations’ we often experience around us aren’t ideal.

An Ode To Us All….

I recently dug this out from my notes from when I was studying Acupuncture. If you suffer with esteem issues or comparison issues with people around you while studying or working in your chosen profession, then I suggest you substitute the word acupuncturist for that of your own profession! I saw so many people I studied with struggling to recognise their own unique qualities. Do what you Love.