Time To Thrive Not Just Survive!

What do you really see deep in your eyes when you look in the mirror? Feel in your Heart when you wake in the morning? Sense in your body? If it‘s not exhilaration, passion and vitality then you have the capacity to be so much more!

And don’t fool yourself, it’s time to drop the rationale and justifications as you are in Soul territory now. Your ultimate holistic journey and life challenge is to succeed and thrive as a human being and you know it.

If you’re ready to embrace all of who you are – and be all you can be – I’m here to help. That’s part of my life purpose, what’s yours?

Looking for an holistic coach? Acupuncture helps to clear your ‘internal’ blocks. Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness helps relax you and find your inner voice of ‘Life Purpose’ as you are fundamentally compromising your capacity to thrive if you aren’t doing what you love.

Holistic Education helps you understand the importance of managing life conditions ‘external’ to you, and how you operate as part of a greater whole, plugging into the forces of nature around you. This is a true holistic spectrum of life.

Programmes can be in the form of intensives or ongoing sessions and feature the following:
Five Elements Acupuncture,
Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation,
Holistic Education,
Authentic Movement
Creative Visioning
Can potentially be delivered in your home, my studio or in a retreat setting
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Unique Life Coaching

Fed up with talking heads giving lip service to what you should do in your life and who you should be? Tried coaching before and it’s never worked sufficiently?

The reason is simple. You are unique and you need to find yourself, then hit the gas in your life, otherwise you are just wasting energy. No one can tell you what to do only help you to find your answers. The ultimate sense of achievement and satisfaction in life is always internally generated. You cannot kid your Heart about whats important to you. We often stagger in the dark, pinning our hopes and dreams on hunches and assumptions about what we want. You might get lucky. In some parts of your life anyway.

What I do is different. I help you find yourself with an incredibly potent array of tools and let your instincts take care of the rest. Who doesn’t move forward towards things they like and are passionate about – once they have identified them? No one.

Truly Holistic? Overview

The word ‘holistic’ can often get thrown around with great abandon nowadays, but – with all due respect – I’m not always certain people always grasp the full extent of what holistic wellbeing truly entails.

Everything you do and engage with affects your health. EVERYTHING. I write this sentence a lot, because it’s really important to grasp it! People often talk about the Body-Mind connection, but the more accurate notion is Environment-Body-Mind connection. There isn’t one moment when your body, mind, or emotions isn’t engaged with…

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Programme Description

Acupuncture catalyses an immensely powerful healing response, supplemented by Dru Yoga – a subtle but potent yoga which brings you into awareness with your bodies innate intelligence and wisdom.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Deep Relaxation give you practical tools to manage the patterns of the mind and understand how they link to the nervous system, enabling you to generate some conscious influence over it. Holistic Education allows you to build a curative bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.

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Fees and Logistics

Intensive or ongoing programmes can be delivered one to one, to couples or to groups.

Programmes can be built on a bespoke basis, or for example, intensives can be 1 to 4 days, with approx 3 sessions per day containing Acupuncture, Yoga/couples yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Creative Visioning Ceremonies, Authentic Movement & Holistic Education. Depending on availability they can be delivered within your home, at my studio or in a retreat setting. Available in London & Internationally.

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What’s This All About? Richard’s Holistic Wellness Blog

“This life thing isn’t actually as complicated as we make it, only we live in ways that are so imbalanced against what we need as human beings, and separate ourselves from activities which allow us naturally feel good, through the body. To understand why I put packages together in the way I do I’m going to present some simple key principles which will help you understand how to get on track to being a more fulfilled and vibrant being. Read More

“I often say to my patients that true achievement is in balancing ALL elements of your life, not just your perception of achieving at work which is a common pattern. It’s the place where you can look across all aspects of your life, social, work, personal, professional, home and your state of health and wellbeing and think yes, all is well, I am achieving as a well rounded human being!”

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