Founder of Creative Yoga, Richard quickly established his reputation for unique and innovative classes. He works strongly with the principle of yoga as ‘union’ – all the way from connection with the world around you to ultimately the deeper layers of your own being. From dedicated yoga classes to bespoke Acupuncture, Yoga and Meditation wellness packages, intensives and retreats. Corporate wellness, holistic education and event yoga specialist. Available for personal wellness coaching and International projects.

Richard facilitates retreats at the amazing Moinhos Velhos, Algarve. Experience his signature Spiral Walk Meditation, 5 Elements Acupuncture, Dru Yoga, Holistic Education and Body-mind workshops within one of most potent natural environments on the planet.

Finding shared activities are the life blood of a happy relationship. We always have differences with our partners and lovers so finding things that connect you together are PRICELESS. I get so many requests for this workshop, but until I can next schedule one check out the video

Richard has worked with multi-national companies. Services include on-site yoga and wellbeing seminars, conference workshops, specialist events to bespoke programmes with treatments, classes and workshops in your location, my London studio or retreat.

Where’s the regular classes & fun stuff gone?!

You might be wondering whats happened to the London body-mind connection classes, singles yoga + social (aka ‘yoga dating’ lol!) and yoga raves!

While I love that side of my work as it fuses in a relational, conscious connection and fun element into our holistic lifestyle (which can often be lacking) my current focus is on acupuncture, personal and corporate wellness programmes – in London and abroad – events and retreats.

Due to this I’ve discontinued them for now as I either don’t have space to organise them or as I’m often abroad theres no opportunity for the continuity and development these classes require.

Many Thanks, Rich

‘Light’ Reading Anyone?

Ever wondered on the ins and outs of your body-mind connection? How it works, how different levels of your being interact, how you are influenced by your environment and relationships? How your posture is affected, and therapeutic processes to alleviate strain?

Well here you go, I started writing this originally as a 2000 word essay for a training and ended up with 40,000 words! Have fun!

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If you want to engage some other senses and give your eyes a rest, then have a listen to me talking about the body-mind connection and how the different organs within the body influence your thought patterns instead!

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So what is Yoga? Richard’s Creative Yoga London Blog

Believe it or not I wrote this while standing at one of the after class socials, watching everyone around me who’d been at the class having a great time!

“Yoga is a sense of unity, which through repeated practice on the mat starts to permeate through your entire being consciously as being your natural state, and that feeling becomes transferable as the common denominator across all areas of your life. The whole of life becomes your yoga practice, dropping things away which don’t tie in with that sense of unity. So… Read More

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