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When people work with me it changes their life. Whether it’s a seed for future growth, a drop in a vast ocean of experiences which that person has around them, or the tidal wave of change which clears the path for the person to thrive across the spectrum of body, mind and spirit – something happens!

It took me a long time to be able to recognise who I am, and what I’ve got to offer the world but I’ve seen it enough now over the last 20 years or so of my professional life to appreciate I have a talent, a gift and to be proud to use it. Seeing this in myself enables me to see the potential in others, and to help them find it themselves. Whether it’s through one to one treatments and coaching, a yoga class which blows your mind through it’s powerful simplicity, or words which educate, I attune to your needs.


  • Richard Brook, Practitioner, Teacher and Coach

Professional Biography

Richard is founder of Creative Wellness, and a specialist in 5 Elements Acupuncture, Dru Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Education and the Body-Mind connection. He’s passionate about understanding and creating what you need to have a successful life – measured from the deepest level of your own perception, not through achieving in the eyes of others.

With over 20 years of experience, he is a true Holistic Health expert. He graduated the renowned College of Traditional Acupuncture and went on to have successful practices in the Midlands, Bristol and latterly London.

Alongside this he developed his Creative Yoga brand into one of London’s most unique and exciting yoga projects, organising and teaching some of the capitals biggest and most unique events. Understanding people’s holistic needs as ever, there’s also a strong emphasis on connection and community, with events having in-built social elements – rare in the yoga world!

He has worked internationally, helping facilitate programmes at Moinhos Velhos Juice detox retreat, directly contributing to it becoming rated amongst the top 10 detox retreats in the world by The Times newspaper. In this role his extensive skill set saw him practicing acupuncture, teaching yoga, meditation, mindfulness and delivering holistic education and creative visioning workshops.

His wellness blog is one of the best of it’s kind, demonstrating his broad reaching knowledge, experience and passion to share what can be of help to others.

He has helped thousands of clients, been featured across many media channels, organised and taught at many high-profile events, and delivered wellbeing programmes to multinational clients.

Balancing Your Inside and Outside World

It’s his awareness of recognising and treating both the ‘internal’ aspects of a persons health – their body, thoughts and feelings – and also appreciating that the ‘external’ life circumstances – occupation, home and relationships – have to be supportive and nourishing to achieve optimum health that set him apart as a true holistic leader. He combines the role of practitioner, teacher and coach with distinction.

He specialises in understanding how a great deal of what we experience in our mind and emotions originates from stress within particular organs and ‘body memory’ from experiences we’ve been involved in. His treatments are very effective at balancing these deeper aspects of us that can often contribute to emotional strain, depression, stress and anxiety alongside treating the more common physical conditions.

He also empowers his clients to understand that achieving balance is built into creation and our human instinct.

His personal strengths are widely recognised as:

  • Outstanding Communicator
  • Tremendously Empathetic
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Great Sense of Humour 🙂

  • Richard Brook, acupuncture practitioner, yoga teacher and holistic coach

Notable Influences

Asides from 5 Elements Acupuncture and Dru Yoga Richard draws on a wealth of experience including extensive practice of:

  • 5 Rhythms Dance and other movement practices
  • Tai Chi
  • Vipassana Meditation
  • Tantra
  • Native American Style Dance and Ceremony
  • Detoxification practices
  • Detailed study of Diet and Nutrition
  • Many other forms of energy and bodywork.
  • Panchakarma (Ayuvedic Detox process)

Richard has also worked extensively in the Organic food sector, having been a manager within the Planet Organic chain of Organic Supermarket, as well as having a degree in the field of Food and Nutrition. In addition, he’s well-versed in exploring healthy community living practices, having lived within the Findhorn Foundation intentional community in Scotland.

One of his favourite quotes is by Antoine de Saint Exupery: “What is essential is invisible to the eye’.”

He never forgets that there is as much of you that is unseen as what you show to the world. He teaches you to learn to love and understand these depths.

Time to Thrive, don’t just survive!

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