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When people work with me it changes their life. Whether it’s a seed, a drop in a vast ocean of experiences which that person has around them, or whether it’s the tidal wave of change which clears the path for the person to thrive across the spectrum of body, mind and spirit, something happens.

It took me a long time to be able to recognise who I am, and what I’ve got to offer the world but I’ve seen it enough now over the last 20 years or so of my adult life to appreciate I have a talent, a gift and to be proud to use it. Seeing this in myself enables me to see the potential in others, and to help them find it themselves. Whether it’s through one to one treatments and coaching, a yoga class which blows your mind through it’s powerful simplicity, or words which educate, I attune to your needs.


  • Richard Brook, Practitioner, Teacher and Coach

Professional Biography

Richard is founder of Creative Wellness, and a specialist in 5 Elements Acupuncture, Dru Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Education and the Environment-Body-Mind connection. He’s passionate about understanding and creating what you need to have a successful life – measured from the deepest level of your own perception, not through achieving in the eyes of others.

With over 20 years of experience, he is a true Holistic Health expert. He has worked internationally and has been featured across many media channels. He has facilitated extensively at Moinhos Velhos Juice detox retreat, directly contributing to it becoming rated amongst the top 10 detox retreats in the world by The Times newspaper. He also previously developed his Creative Yoga London brand into one of London’s most unique and exciting yoga projects, organising and teaching some of the capitals biggest and most unique events. There was also a strong emphasis on connection and community, with events having in built social elements – rare in the yoga world!

He has helped thousands of clients, organised and taught at many high-profile events, alongside delivering wellbeing programmes to multinational clients.

Balancing Your Inside and Outside World

It’s his awareness of recognising and treating both the ‘internal’ aspects of a persons health – their body, thoughts and feelings – and also appreciating that the ‘external’ life circumstances – occupation, home and relationships – have to be supportive and nourishing to achieve optimum health that set him apart as a true holistic leader. He combines the role of practitioner, teacher and coach with distinction.

His speciality is understanding and treating what we experience in our mind, and how a great deal of what we experience in our thoughts and emotions originates from the functions of particular organs and energetic impressions created within the body from experiences we’ve been involved in. He also empowers his clients to understand that achieving balance is built into creation and our human instinct.

His personal strengths are widely recognised as:

  • Outstanding Communicator
  • Tremendously Empathetic
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Great Sense of Humour 🙂

My Story

I was a very happy child, perhaps a little bit shy but generally had a great upbringing cocooned nicely within my family. However when my parents suddenly decided to separate when I was around 14 (well suddenly from my perspective as I had no idea!) this nice little solid reality I was living in started to crumble.

In hindsight, it’s moments like this, although they are challenging, which actually make us, as they force you to grow and explore life. My entire reality had become contingent on the external events and circumstances around me, and until it was taken away I had no cause to question anything about my reality or start looking for what I needed.

However, it’s all good in theory, but without the stability of my Earth (Family unit) I made a right mess of the first few years after my parents separated! My problem was that I didn’t know myself, hardly at all. I didn’t really have a clue about feelings, emotions or what I needed around me to be healthy.

Lost in Thought & Tinkering With My Life

I often got lost in the abstract thoughts of my ‘intelligence’ and internal dialogue in the mind that told me that everything should be ok or is ok – when everything was far from it. I would go through and make lists in my mind telling myself that I had everything that I needed – got friends, yes, girlfriend yes, college, yes.

But what I was beginning to realise was the huge gap between the idea of how something is and how it actually feels, through the body, which is of course the actual vehicle that we live in. So great, ‘I’ve got a girlfriend’ or ‘I’ve got a great job’ would state my mind!

But in reality there could be so many things wrong with that particular relationship or job, I wouldn’t know where to start. I fell into long depressions, and when you seldom seem to experience anything that feels naturally more uplifting you tend to think that is the norm. Painful.

I started tinkering a lot with the external circumstances of my life. I would change jobs, uni courses and locations frequently, but to no avail as something just didn’t feel right – which of course was mainly internally generated as I was carrying a backlog of stagnant emotion in my body and mind, so no matter what I was changing outside of me didn’t really help.

However, having burnt out my drinking phase quite early at College and Uni, I started to look more towards holistic practices after a trip around the U.S switched me on to them – all these people talking about yoga who seemed to carry such a peaceful demeanour was somewhat alluring!

I then threw myself whole heartedly into these practices as I found they were something that made me feel good, creating an inner sense of wellbeing. But now looking back I can see there was a tendency to become over reliant on these practices, thinking I could solve all the ills of my life by seeking solace in meditation, dance or yoga!

Tension Relief, Fatigue and Being Mindful the Body-mind Registers Everything!

My practices became a constant way of trying to disperse tension while also ignoring the call and instincts in me to change what wasn’t working around me. I wasn’t whole, wasn’t embracing all aspects of who I am. And somewhere along the line I’d picked up on a toxic train of thought – which can be prevalent in the holistic world – that you should be able to ‘let go’ of everything that bothers you! That these practices are the be all and end all of happiness! But life is never that easy! I had become too passive and was suppressing natural instincts for change, so actually had a lot of tension on the inside.

So this combination of emotional suppression along with trying to disperse the tension created from circumstances in my life that I wasn’t happy with – often my work and personal life – ended up creating bouts of fatigue. Any of you who’ve ever experienced genuine fatigue will also know how frightening it is. It’s not like being tired, it doesn’t matter how much you rest, it’s like someone has just switched your energy off.

Eventually by doing more embodied practices I started to listen to the clues and realise my body registers what it’s engaging with in one way or another every moment I was alive! It would register the sensation of my legs tightening when I was living somewhere I didn’t like and trying to grip onto the Earth for dear life. It would register the repeated contraction of my belly when I was in fight or flight as my work was super stressful, it would register my shoulders lifting and chest closing when I was around people I didn’t feel harmonious with.

So a this was all a bit of a revelation, as originally I’d been using holistic practices as a bit of an escape, an escape from the circumstances around me, and also from my some of my own instincts and feelings.

Eventually I realised everything is connected, your environment and choices are an extension of who you are, all factor into your health and then things started to change!

Finding the Clues About What Works!

So as well as being aware of circumstances that felt debilitating to me, I started to look for the clues in my body-mind about things that worked for me. Now, after years of confusion and hearing other peoples influences in your mind, it’s not always easy to sort out what’s going on in your deeper layers of intelligence. But sure enough I started to discern that when following particular inner promptings I move towards things that were good for me. And just as my body would contract in situations that were abrasive, so I began to notice that when I was situations that were harmonious I would begin to actually thrive. My spine would straighten, my chest would open, belly relax, legs loosen and my energy levels, emotions and inner dialogue take on a much more uplifting sense.

In addition I started to realise that my ‘aura’, my charisma would also be more apparent and influential the more I did things that I loved. (This is because your electromagnetic field around your body expands when you are happy) This is where you really start to serve the whole. You realise that you doing things you Love isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the people around you too, it positively influences and inspires others when you are living the life that connects to your Heart. Remember, everything is interconnected!

It was a bit like staggering around in the dark at first, and you really need to start to listen, really listen. Not listen to other people, but listen to yourself, your deep deep self (I tend to think of that aspect of me as my Soul) which actually is watching and giving directions and inner promptings about what feeds me as an individual. We are all unique, and then life becomes about creating the conditions and the mirror of who you are inside. There is nothing better than being able to express your inherent passions. Nothing.

Listening To Who I Really Am

My inner practices then became not about escaping from the world, or seeking an antidote the stresses, but instead about listening to who I am and expressing myself in the world. When life becomes driven from your inner passions your entire energy body, charisma massively ascends and you start to become a bit more super human! You no longer navigate through life based on what seems like good ideas, but from your own inner voice (which is actually the seed of a much greater level of intelligence that pervades the entire universe – remember everything is connected)

So finding practices where I could access this inner knowing and being, inner stillness became a must. And there are lots of ways in to this intelligence, I’d particularly find it during the meditation or relaxation at the end of a yoga class, after an acupuncture session when the discordant energies had been dispersed, or after a good dance! Like inner visions dropping in.

  • Mindfulness helps to be aware
  • Acupuncture, therapies and movement help to balance you internally
  • Meditation & deep relaxation helps you access your inner voice

Moving Towards, Not Running Away

I started to move towards occupations and relationships that nourished me, finding my passions, instead of debilitating me, and since then, life has been so much better, but always a work in progress!

So the first part of my holistic journey was very much about understanding and managing my inner state, finding practices which made me feel clear internally, and the second part of my journey was exploring and managing the influence of the circumstances around me. And that’s life folks, we constantly undulate between needing to manage these aspects of our lives.

If you aren’t clear and healthy inside, your perception is polluted and it doesn’t really matter what you do, as you see the world through that filter! But even if you are clear inside, if the circumstances around you aren’t nourishing you, you won’t be fulfilled and your instincts will give you this information!

Time to Share

Ultimately I’ve had to learn to sit in the silence and hear what’s in my Heart – which is essential – as shaping life around my passions (which are energetically in your Heart) is the way to true, exhilarated exceptional wellbeing.

And now one of my passions is sharing my skills and knowledge with you.

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