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Acupuncture Testimonials

If you are visiting this section, you may well be contemplating whether to give acupuncture a try for the first time. So here’s a testimonial from Andy, as you may well be thinking the same kind of things he did….

“I’ve now had several sessions with Richard and the results have been amazing. I was initially quite doubtful and nervous about the needles and what would happen during the treatment.

If my first session hadn’t been brought for me as a gift then I would never have gone or even considered that acupuncture was for me. Right away Richard made me feel relaxed and made sure I understood everything that was going on. I’m so glad I went and my fears were totally unfounded.

Each session gives me a huge buzz and I’ve been sleeping and feeling physically and mentally better since my very first treatment. The sessions are totally painless and very relaxing and uplifting. I’ve gone from being a skeptic to a complete convert and would definitely urge anyone to try a session with Richard, it’s made a huge difference to me over the last few months”

“My recent course of acupuncture with Richard was one of the most effective, powerful healing journeys I’ve ever been on. His approach is absolutely holistic – he treats the whole of you – mind, body, soul. I believe he is not just well trained, he is actually gifted – he instinctively knows where every needle should go, and often you can’t even feel them. I would recommend Richard to anyone who is looking for acupuncture – whether that’s for a physical ailment or to just rebalance their soul energy.”

In Acupuncture I work a lot with the interrelationship between Physical symptoms and the emotional circumstances (and history) of the patient. To follow is one of my favourite testimonials, which I particularly like as it really shows not only the body-mind connection, but also how acupuncture treatment can affect what might happen when you step out of the treatment room! I cannot promise the same result for all of you, or else I think we’d all be queueing at our local acupuncturist straight away! (And i assure you that although it might sound quite magical it is genuine feedback.)

After conducting a workshop on the Body-mind connection, several in attendance came for treatment. I treated a young lady Alice, in her early twenties, who presented with the weight of the world on her shoulders – heavily contracted around her chest, contributing to tension headaches, neck pain, and with a difficult relationship history prompting fear in her relationships to men. The interrelationship between the physical symptoms and the emotional history comes strongly to mind – that she was closed across the chest area as energetically her Heart had been effected by her past history.

Treatment included the use of points and moxibustion (a herb) on her Heart meridian and chest area with the intention of balancing and dispersing some of the discordant energy from that area. She stood up after treatment looking 2 foot taller, with a broad smile and with the cast iron weight that had seemingly been covering her Heart area dispersed.

The next day I found a note pushed under the door of my treatment space;

‘Dear Richard

You are a wonder. I feel so much better for your therapy. After seeing you, I went to drink tea in the cafe. I sat with my eyes closed feeling the heat of the cup in my hands, thinking about how light I felt in my body and mind. When I opened my eyes, a beautiful man was sitting in front of me. He said “I’m sorry, I can’t stop looking at you – you just look so happy”

I replied to the effect that I’d just had quite a journey in the last few days which took me to have acupuncture and to feel great for it. He stood up, looked deep into my eyes, kissed me on the lips, said “Thank You” and then walked away. And I wasn’t scared!! 🙂

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you’,
(The Thank you’s continued for the rest of the page!)
Love Alice


Because of the way Acupuncture treatment works – of improving your overall state of health and physiological functioning – it’s not unusual for clusters of seemingly unrelated symptoms to improve together or progressively over the course of treatment. This was the case with David, where in addition to his physical symptoms we also reduced his stress levels and improved his general sense of wellbeing.

“Though I did not consider my job to be high-pressure, the fact that I am gregarious, wear my heart on my sleeve and can be overly conscientious, means that running a successful tailoring studio can, from time-to-time, take it’s toll.

This April, an ongoing skin complaint (eczema) took it’s toll, and covered my entire body, leaving me laid-up for weeks, and questioning the reasons why I’d been afflicted in this way, and, moreover, what I was going to do about it.
Though I was referred to a dermatologist, who administered the usual topical ointments, I sought acupuncture as an alternative method, not because it is known for it’s affectiveness in dealing with skin complaints, but because I’d had some success many years ago when dealing with a shoulder muscle injury.

I was immediately impressed by Richard’s calm, and friendly approach, but also of his knowledge of my skin complaint – and the detecting of another, which had been problematic for several years, and had at that time, been undetected!

He is very welcoming, and a fantastic listener, and I found it easy to share with him not only the background to the complain at hand, but also my own personal background and my hopes for the treatment.

Within weeks I had started to feel the benefits of the acupuncture – more calm, which is very important when dealing with skin aggravations – and always enjoyed visiting Richard for my session. After two months, not only had the original skin complaint been almost completely eradicated, but the dormant one too!

Just two weeks ago, I noticed that another – I had previously thought unconnected – ailment, had also been completely eradicated! It would appear that all my ailments were caused by an overactive adrenal gland brought about by stress – or something like that – and I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel, having gone under Richard’s needle, as it were!

Thanks again Richard, and I look forward to my next session!”


I recently treated Mental Health Campaigner Jonny Benjamin. Jonny featured in the national media campaign and Channel 4 Documentary “Finding Mike: The Stranger On the Bridge” about his quest to find a stranger who talked him out of committing suicide on Waterloo bridge. Since that time Jonny has integrated wellbeing practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness into his health regime in order to aid his own Mental Health, and he came along for an acupuncture treatment,

A lot of people don’t realise that acupuncture can be equally as effective at treating mental and emotional level imbalances in just the same way as Physical.

Here Jonny gives his thoughts on treatment. You can visit Jonny’s Mental health charity my.rethink.org here

Treatment can also be particularly effective in helping people who may have become, or feel stuck, on the ‘inner’ levels of their being, with their emotions or in terms of their general life flow and direction. This can sometimes be as a result of events which may have happened in our past or discordant circumstances in our present, and while it doesn’t necessarily create such an apparent physical level of distress it can similarly injure or create stress and disturbance in our subconscious mind, or subtle levels of our being, blocking us from achieving and moving towards our full potential. Treatment can certainly be as effective on this level of our being as it can be with more physical level conditions.

Here’s some feedback from Andrew, Monika & Ed all clients who came to see me for a course of treatment aimed more at these ‘inner’ levels of their being.

“When I first came to see Richard a few weeks ago I was in a state of emotional and physical stagnation and in a complete downward spiral.

I had just been through a particularly stressful year that had – on top of other long-standing issues – led me to hit a particularly low point over Christmas. I couldn’t see a way out of my depressive mood or see much hope for the future and I was going to bed each night not really too bothered if I woke up or not.

As the new year started I knew that I had to get some sort of help and having had acupuncture a few years ago with reasonably good results I thought I would give it another try with a different practitioner. I discovered Richard on a web search and liked the sound of Five Elements so decided to go for an initial consultation.

I found Richard to be very warm, genuine and easy to talk to. The first treatment I had was so powerful that I felt everything shifting and moving inside of me and I literally finished the session feeling like a different person! I could not believe the result I got from one treatment. My entire emotional state shifted onto a more positive and clear level and I felt a whole load of negative energy was released – it was a genuinely profound experience.

I now feel like I am starting the year at the beginning of a positive journey of change and feel far more able to deal with the problems and stressful aspects that are still a part of my life.

I have since been for more amazing treatments from Richard and am also starting to do yoga with him as well.

Richard is a highly skilled and intuitive healer and I would – and do – recommend him without hesitation to anyone. I can honestly say that in the short time that I have known him he has positively changed the way I am living my life.”

Hi Richard, I just wanted to check in and let you know what’s up as I haven’t been back in a few weeks now. The last treatment you gave me was profound – I guess I was ripe for it and it cracked whatever structure it was that needed to break, initiated a change that has been a long time coming – a lot connected with the little girl in me letting go of the relationship to my partner, and to the idea of ‘togetherness’ in general (vs. true union from within).

Anyways…THANK YOU. I cried for a week after leaving your office – huge let go.. and then an amazing rebirth – found my power again, and my heart that i had lost this last year. So still in transition with it – really sinking into finding work now – actually landing on earth. Registered to the massage school – its a perfect fit.

My feeling is likely to come see you again, but waiting out the transition with finding work and grounding – and then possibly back for some more integration of the heart stuff. Or whatever is called for. Just wanted to share as you’d been such a part of my process this last couple of months, it felt good to reconnect until i visit next. Thanks and blessings!!! Monika. Ps. I love autumn. Ahh relief… 🙂


Thanks Richard……I’ve enjoyed working with you so much. Your work is extremely powerful and I’m recommending it to many friends. The degree of perception and insight you have is rare and so valuable. I will certainly be back for a tune up. Thanks again so much for your help with this transition. It has been priceless to me, and I really appreciate your courageous to-the-point honesty’.

“I went to see Richard for help with balancing some long term emotional stuff I’d been wrestling with. I knew I had to resolve some very long term issues I had which had been dogging me since before my teens. I’d recognised destructive patterns of behaviour I’d repeated across my twenties and thirties and had had enough of it all. I’d seen a psychotherapist but really not taken to it, and chosen to explore my stuff with friends and ways other than ‘doing it all in my head’.

Richard was attentive and intelligent and aware in his assessment and his questions and reflections accurate and inspiring. I had been very open and honest in describing why I was there, and what stuff I was looking to deal with; all of which was very personal. It was clear that he ‘got it’ straight away, was responsible handling my vulnerability, and I felt that I could trust his work.

He did two waves of treatment.
The first wave was gradual and gentle. It felt like the building blocks of his piece. I felt calmer and things came into perspective; it helped me see more clearly and get a sense of scale. Also, it felt like my heart was being given a chance to breathe, and the space to ‘be’, which was totally new to me after years of existing solely in my head. This did feel a bit vulnerable to be honest, but Richard’s assurances, and references to the things he was doing to protect the heart were very reassuring.

The second wave was more dramatic. When I referred to a continuing feeling of gloom, he said that Chinese medicine referred to this as a cloud over the heart, and got very over-excited and did a session which I will never understand but remember and appreciate forever. I walked out of that session having dropped years of emotional baggage. There was a spring in my step and I felt great joy. It was bemusing. I asked myself what was going on, and all I could think was ‘AHA. This is how people who are happy feel.’. And suddenly, there was happiness. There were more sessions after ‘the whopper’ session, which calmed things down.

It was not a one shot, bish-bash-bosh it’s all sorted treatment, and it took a lot of honest and personal chat and trust to get there. The talking was OK by me, some might find it hard to go into too much depth with a ‘stranger’, but it was worth it. The ‘process’ nature of the work (ie a bunch of sessions) was also OK; I was expecting that; some might (in our world of doctors with pills to make you happy) think it could be quicker, but my advice is hang on in there; it takes time and tweaking.
I’m still going to see him for MOTs here and there; it’s all about balancing, which never ends.

I would recommend Richard’s work with a big gold star, ‘go to the top of the class’ kind of excitement. It was one of the critical pieces of me getting my shit together, finally, after years of thinking that I would never ever be able to escape my shit, if you know what I mean.”


I also of course treat a broad range of physical level conditions, from all demographics of people, from those more familar with natural health practices to those who are less familiar, such as with Sarah, below.

“Being an out going, confident, scientific person I was quite sceptical about the benefits of acupuncture.
I had suffered a very irritating eye problem for two years. I approached Richard at an event and instantly he gave me reasons for and answers to my problem.Unfortunately for me he was fully booked and no treatments where available at the event.

A few months later, my eyes has made no improved so I reluctantly contacted Richard. Richard completed a detailed case history in a professional manner avoiding any embarrassment. The acupuncture I received was tailored to my individual needs. Richard also suggested many ways I could help myself through diet, exercise and social life.

Over the following days I experienced much relief from my problem.
I have now completed a course of six treatments all adapted to my changing needs. Each time I visited my eyes got 50% better.
Three months on and I feel like I have my life back. I can now drive, work and communicate with people without my eyes flickering.”


I also treat very specific complaints, such as infertility. With fertility there are a number of variable factors which can be effecting the likelihood of conceiving, but research has shown that acupuncture treatment can significantly improve your chances.

It’s important to note that the treatment emphasis doesn’t change – to make you a healthier, happier, more relaxed human being, whose body, mind and spirit is in good health and this in turn improves your chances of conceiving. I treat all of you, always, not just your ‘condition’.

Find below testimonials from Laura, Katie, who conceived, and Rachel who didn’t, but explains the benefit of treatment nonetheless!

Dear Richard

You may not remember me- you saw me a few times out of a clinic in Primrose Hill when I was having trouble conceiving, probably around 2.5 years ago. I’ve been meaning to write you this email for the longest time, and I’m very sorry I haven’t done it before now. The fact is, I now have not one but two beautiful children, and I give most of the credit for that to you. I’m convinced there was something getting in the way of me conceiving, and you unblocked those pathways. I got pregnant shortly after our last session, and my daughter was born in Feb 2013. Then, 6 months ago I had a little boy. Now our family is complete, and I’ve almost forgotten the angst I felt when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to have one at all.

Anyway, I’m very glad you’re still working, and that it looks like it’s going well. If you ever need anyone to recommend you for fertility work, I’d be very happy to do so.

My very best wishes

“I started seeing Richard in Sept 2011, I had been trying to get pregnant for over nine months and wanted to try a new approach. Richard made me feel at ease straight away, we discussed at length my current situation, how I felt personally and what I wanted to get out of the treatment. The treatments themselves were really enjoyable, relaxing and peaceful. They varied between acupuncture, warming points and massage.

Richard focused my treatments on my menstrual cycle and any other symptoms I had reported that week. I was overjoyed to find out that after two months of treatments I became pregnant! I would highly recommend Richard and acupuncture as a treatment.”


“I started seeing Richard for Acupuncture to help combat anxiety and digestive issues at the beginning of the year, Richard was open and honest and provided a safe and comfortable space to discuss what was troubling me and the best ways of combatting my problems.

By working together and offering me a range of other options to go hand in hand with my accupuncture it allowed for a new way of thinking about my body and how it works. You can see Richard has such a passion for accupuncture and holistic healing and he really takes the time to get to know you and understand your situation.

I feel this is why my accupunture was so successful, it did not only impact my physical but also my mental health. I am now looking to practice Yoga with Richard and continue having regular accupuncture sessions to help maintain my health. A truly wonderful man with a kind heart who offers effective acupuncture”

Hello Richard,

I had an acupuncture session with you once in Highbury back in July 2013. At the time, I was feeling very overwhelmed at work and wanted to get some emotional balance before my husband and I tried to start a family. It’s unlikely you’ll remember all this but that appointment felt like a real turning point for me. I cried a bucket just talking to you at the start and felt such a sense of calm during the acupuncture itself. I would’ve seen you again but you were just about to move to Portugal if I remember rightly. I visited a couple of other acupuncturists but didn’t have quite the same experience. Anyway, after seeing you, I managed to change my job to something that suited me much better (it was actually a really positive move in every sense) and fell pregnant with my first child (a gorgeous little boy who is sat next to me as I type this!). So thank you!

I’m just wondering whether you’re still in Portugal? If you are in London at any point (even temporarily) I would love to book another appointment with you. This time it’s nothing too dramatic but I’d like to rebalance again after pregnancy and prepare to try for another baby.

If not, nothing lost, it feels nice to tell you what a difference that one session made.

Thanks and best wishes


Acupuncture is also suitable for people of all ages, and is still effective even if you haven’t been conventionally diagnosed with any particular ‘problem’ or ‘condition’. Conventional Medicine doesn’t sometimes identify very well with the many more subtle levels of health that exist in a person, you know, where you might just feel a little off colour, whereas in Chinese Medicine acupuncture adapts to meet your needs and will improve your health from whatever state you are starting from now.

Here’s some feedback from Angeline, dealing with the stresses of university and early twenties life.

“I am a 22 year old student and I can say that I have an ‘easy life’ with not much responsibilities or serious problems. However, I feel very stressed when thinking about my future and what I want to do, who I want to be. Furthermore, I started suffering from migraines, that I understood like a message my body was sending me, telling me it was time I did something to feel better.

Acupuncture is not very popular amount young people and I realised how little people know about this method. However I decided to go and see Richard.

Richard immediately made me feel very comfortable and I knew I could tell him anything : he would listen without judging me.
Once the session finished, I went outside and stood for a couple of minutes, laughing. People were looking at me, surprised, but I did not care: I felt so much love for everyone around me and I just wanted to tell the entire world how beautiful life is. People were all finishing work, on their way home and were running, complaining and stressing about a million things. I felt so lucky at that time that I, was feeling so good and that I could see the world differently.

I then went to buy food: things I really like but that I never let myself have. I also bought my best friend flowers which I usually never do. I came home and I had a wonderful evening: so pleased to see how happy my friend was with flowers. I felt so much peace inside, and I was very emotional: I cried a little..and laughed…well I could not tell the difference, but it was nice, so nice… I felt very powerful and positive: things I was worried about before seeing Richard suddenly seemed so small and unimportant. So many ideas, so many projects and loving thoughts were crossing my mind…! The following days I felt much stronger and much more stable : I had so much energy and felt that the world was mine!

It was a wonderful experience and I know I will see Richard again, every time I feel I am losing myself. Acupuncture reminds me that I am in control of my life and I can make it so much better if only I want to. It is like discovering an entire new world, full of life and love for myself and others.

I highly recommend everyone to go for a session with Richard, he really is a wonderful person : there is so much love and positive energy coming out of him and I believe he will help you with whatever trouble you are facing now. I believe acupuncture is not only for people who are very depressed, like I used to think : it is for those who want to learn how to get the most out of life.
So Thank you Richard !!! :-)”


It’s also very effective to be treated over a longer period of time – to actually structure treatment into your weekly or monthly life, instead of waiting for things to go wrong. It’s also good to know in the back of your mind you have a treatment and check-in point coming up as allows you a chance to regain perspective and share about the bigger picture of your life.

“I have been seeing Richard for acupuncture for nearly three years. The all round experience is second to none; he is very approachable and understanding,and always takes time to hear how things are and what symptoms are concerning me. While his whole approach is what I would call ‘integrated’ (i.e. body/mind spirit as a whole) he is flexible enough to be able to treat the whole person as well as concentrating on individual problems as appropriate. He is very knowledgable and is easy to talk to. We always have great conversations as well as the treatment; it is always a hugely positive experience and has enabled me to move forward with life decisions as well as dealing with health issues. Highly recommended.”
“I have had acupuncture with Richard and attended his yoga class regularly. Richard has a way of connecting with people and making them feel totally at ease. He is always happy to answer any questions and has a wealth of knowledge on the body, mind and spirit, I have learnt so much during the sessions! I am always impressed by Richard’s ability to connect up the different problems I have been experiencing and get to the root cause during acupuncture treatments. His sessions always leave me feeling totally relaxed and peaceful. Definitely recommend paying him a visit!”
“Richard really helped balance my body with his professional approach. I’ve seen him several times over the past year or so and keep in check since the recovery and usage of my legs (all thanks to acupuncture!)! I used to have chronic knee pain and spend many years in agony over walking (often having to sit down and rest and not walk for long periods of time), and now thanks to the acupuncture it’s actually like a miracle has happened – I can walk again!!! Amazing medicine and thank you Richard.”
“Richard’s abilities and knowledge are far reaching and well developed. His dedication to healing and balance are unwavering. When I first went to see him, I was in a really “bad” way, he helped me back to a balanced centre, and since that original treatment plan, he has continued to support me in this life process, and assisted me to reach potential with composure and grace. He deserves to be a highly recognised and regarded healer.
I wish him and all his clients all the treasures of life. All my love and gratitude.
If I don’t see you before I leave for sunnier climbs, thank you for everything, continue the amazing work you do.”
“I have had acupuncture from Richard on a number of occasions and always found him to be very understanding and sensitive to my needs, he always takes the time to listen to all my problems however long the list! After each treatment I have immediately felt much better in myself, more energetic and positive which is great, and the results last for long after the day of the acupuncture too. On some occasions Richard has not even used any needles, just warming and pressing the points after which I was amazed that the results were just as good as with the acupuncture. An all round brilliant experience!”
“Dear Richard, I’m just writing to wish you luck in London and to thank you for helping me in your Bristol Practice.I had felt mentally drained and then became physically unwell. After your treatment I slowly regained the ability to take control of what was happening in my life instead of the other way round.Those physical symptoms then disappeared. Bristol’s loss is London’s gain,
Best wishes”

Retreat and Wellness Programme Testimonials

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this retreat has been one of the most profound and transformative experiences I’ve ever had! The amazing teachers, the magical location, the bonding experience with the other participants and Richard’s overall attention to detail creates a truly unique experience.
I found your sessions incredible and the whole experience was certainly life changing for me. I arrived a stressed out, burnt-out workaholic and mum to two young boys and left ready to follow a more spiritual path. Thank you so much for your time, knowledge, and presence.
Hi Richard,

I hope you are well.

I wanted to thank you personally for taking care of me during my stay in Moinhos Velhos.

The changes were subtle at first after your acupuncture treatments, and as the days, weeks and months
went by I realised a transformation had taken place. Maybe also with the spiral ceremony…
I no longer burst into tears when looking at my brother’s photos or when something reminds me of him.
It is more peaceful in my heart and I am convinced you helped that happen. So a huge THANK YOU.

I jumped right back into “life” after Moinhos Velhos (MV).
It gave me strength to go forward with a few things that were weighing heavily on me.
Although it has been a rocky road, taking up much of my time and energy, exercising, mediation, and juicing have been
a bit sporadic to say the least, I have been keeping it up all the same a few times a week.

MV enabled all of us in some way to make big life changes and it’s great to see!

Take care
Have a nice week end
Big hug xx

Namaste Mel, Helen, Richard and Ella,

I just wanted to send my most sincere Thank You for everything during my retreat at Moinhos Velhos. The impact that I have experienced has been absolutely incredible. And, it is not just my own personal assessment, but my psychologist is amazed at the transformation that I have gone through. She hadn’t seen me in over four weeks. Yesterday we had a session and I shared everything from my experience at your retreat. Dr Eve was impressed at how comprehensive the program is and how effective that it was on me.

Every morning, I now start my day with a mug of lemon tea because I recognize how it helps me. About thirty minutes later is when I do my yoga which now exceeds an hour, easily. And, thanks to Ella, Helen and Richard for improving many of my asanas which I was stuffing up. This is then followed up with a deep 20-30 minute meditation. This regimen has helped me have this incredible level of energy.

I have adopted many of the dietary recommendations especially eating a very healthy breakfast. My skills at preparing interesting vegetarian meals are rapidly improving. You have inspired me to push myself to develop this to the maximum. The only area that I regret that I did not explore when I was at Moinhos Velhos is the juicing aspect. If you could recommend the most effective juicer, I believe that I can take it from there. Thank you.

Finally, I want to thank Richard especially, for the candle ceremony, not just once, but for the two times. The impact that both of those had inside of me is indescribable. I replay both of those inside my mind every day. The effect of those two ceremonies continue to “work” inside of me. And, I have helped it all with my acquiring Snatam Kaur’s Live In Concert and The Essential Snatam Kaur cds. I have played my guitar along to Ong Namo (live version) and Ong Sohung numerous times, almost to the point of bleeding finger tips. I am using The Essential Snatam Kaur when I am practicing my yoga. So, thank you Richard and Helen to introducing me to her work. Her music most certainly has helped my soul in magical ways. It is so much like the chanting that I do at the Siddha Yoga meditation center, where I was last evening.

I would like to wish all of you, and the staff, a most joyous Christmas and a very positive and prosperous New Year. Looking forward to when I can return to Moinhos Velhos for another visit. I hope that it is very soon!

with Peace and Love to all of you.


Here’s some feedback from Miriam who received acupuncture, practiced yoga, meditation, holistic education and creative visioning workshops with me…

Come stressed – leave chilled wanting more!
It was lovely to be in such a beautiful place with a real smorgasbord of wonderful workshops around yoga, movement and meditation themes, group activities and brilliant facilities to try out. Also loved the group bonding process – it felt really supportive. Overall I felt very well looked after!
During my week stay last September at Moinhos Velhos, to my great surprise, Richard was able to help me tremendously with the complex pain I had been carrying in my left hip for years. Three months have now passed and the irritating constant zinging nerve pain, that was constantly on top of the underlying hip pain hasn’t returned.

I hope to see you again during my next visit September 2017.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all your hard work, imagination and vision. You’ve made a great impression on me and so many others – thank you!

Here’s some feedback from Leo who received acupuncture, practiced yoga, meditation, holistic education and creative visioning workshops with me…

I had such an amazing time. I let go, I healed and I was educated and met wonderful people. Thank You
In general I would say that you should come without expectations! You will get the most out of it. Personally, I am leaving with a lot more than I thought possible…peace, acceptance and a little more clarity into the minor tweaks I need to continue making. But most importantly, I am leaving having made some very important connections to continue improving / maintaining my spiritual wellbeing. Thank you!
There is an incredible energy to Moinhos Velhos and Richard’s mind & body retreat was the perfect complement to the location. I feel peaceful yet energised and am glad I took the time out of my busy schedule to come and experience this.
Come without expectations and embrace this wonderful opportunity to escape the busyness of your everyday life and find more clarity and space in a tranquil environment. Great people and food! A wholesome experience.

Here’s some feedback from Tara who received acupuncture, practiced yoga, meditation, holistic education and creative visioning workshops with me…

On a postcard home I wrote – from ‘Paradise’ Just what I needed and when I needed it. Excellent ‘recipe’ but perfect well balanced holiday / retreat / fun thingy. Whole package worked seamlessly from initial communication from Richard to last sessions. Not without tremendous effort behind the scenes. Newbies, expect to be cared for.
I came here feeling very stressed in general, fed up with work and my lifetstyle. To be honest I didn’t know what I would take away from this as I have never done anything like this before. However after 2 days I started to notice the change in me. My mind was more clear, I didn’t have the worries I had before and I don’t feel stressed at all. The biggest change in my life will be to work less, take more time for myself. I will join a yoga and meditation class. I will devote one day to myself, oh and eat healthy of course.
It was a great experience. I learnt a lot, time out helped me to reflect on my life.
I’ve had an incredible experience at Moinhos Velhos – it provided me with inner revelations and a sense of peace that is difficult for me to attain. I leave feeling that life is manageable, exciting and most of all good. I would l love to come back again someday and I’ll make sure to keep the lessons I have learned fresh in my mind.
I came to this retreat with a busy mind full of what I need to do. I came away with a light heart filled with passion for what I’m excited to do.

I also practice Acupuncture and teach yoga at various events around Britain. This is interesting as i’m often treating people who may not have actively sought out acupuncture or yoga, but decide to try it out. These sessions also tend to be one-offs, but here’s some of the feedback i’ve received over time.

(For an accompanying video on practicing acupuncture at festivals please click here)

“After walking around the healing area many times, Richard’s space was the one I felt the strongest connection with. He happened to be doing acupuncture, but I would’ve gone to see him whatever his modality.

I went to him with an imbalance between the right and left side of my body. My right side didn’t feel like it belonged to me as much. He very sensitively worked on the issue, and it was immediately greatly improved. And has remained that way. I wish he worked nearer to where I live, I would love to have him in my cabinet.

Btw, a side effect of the balancing work he has done, in just one session, is that I am able to drink a bit of alcohol again after many months of not being able to. Yay.”

“Thanks Richard for doing a great job on my back at Buddafield, I’d been having a lot of pain and tried various other treatments, but your acupuncture sorted it out immediately.
Really enjoyed the session and all the insights into what would help keep my back healthy’ Thanks”
“He must be doing me some good because this is the second time i’ve visited him in two visits. Relaxing, informative, gentle, and very reassuring, the acupuncture is only one aspect of the service he provides as it is an holistic experience that shouldn’t be missed. I came out not only feeling better but blessed for sharing time with him. Love and Peace”
“Richard, it was without a doubt the most relaxing acupuncture session i’ve ever had. The conversation was empathetic and intelligent. Simply perfect”
  • “Richard, Thank you for my first ever acupuncture, one which i knew i needed but dreaded at the same time. I feel invigorated and revived and will recommend to friends and family the power of acupuncture and your skills and knowledge. Thank you”
  • Richard
“Thankyou for my first acupuncture experience 🙂 good to feel held and balanced throughout – properly seen and listened to, i’d do it again and recommend it to others.”

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