Acupuncture Is Not Only For Pain Relief Says Harvard Prof

According to the latest research from at Harvard Medical School, pretty much everybody can benefit from acupuncture, not only those that look to use it for pain relief. As it moves mainstream, it has also been helping millions worldwide deal with allergies, stress, pain and more.

Sweetness and Light

It’s not always all good in my world either! Just incase it looks like the sun is always shining in my world, I get my challenges too. At these times it’s essential to have your ‘anchors’ – practices which help you find your balance.

The Value of Acupuncture

By the time we consider treatment, there’s often already been a significant ‘cost’ – an aspect of our precious health. Whether it’s our sense of inner peace, energy levels or connection with others we often wait for a deficit before we act. However treatment is in reality an investment to grow.

Glimpses of Beauty – Can You Still See The Light?

Sometimes we just forget what it’s like to feel good. Much like how after a long winter, we forget what the sun on the skin feels like! I recently treated a patient, and my sense was that he was emerging and finding some joy and wellbeing inside, and his feedback mirrored this.

What’s Your Pain?

In western culture we tend to give much greater precedence to our physical body as the most ‘valid’ aspect of our wellbeing, and often not as significantly recognising the more subtle, but yet equally as important mental, emotional and ‘spiritual’ levels of our pain and discomfort in life. Acupuncture treats all levels of your being.

Perception is Reality! Why You Must Manage Your Inner State

Sometimes the obstructions in our life moving forward originates ‘internally’ – within the body itself. Other times it’s due to the ‘external’ circumstances around us, and we need to learn to manage both. I look at the nature of our ‘internal’ state and how it influences how we see the world.


Stress – not the most desirable thing in life. We can buffer a certain amount of strain in life, certain amount of stress but the longer term consequences are that the body enters into a pattern which sends the natural movement of energy within the internal organs into a state of imbalance.

Key Principles Of What Your Body, Mind & Soul Need

This life thing isn’t actually as complicated as we make it, only we live in ways that are so imbalanced against what we need as human beings, and separate ourselves from activities which allow us naturally feel good, through the body.

Why Receive Acupuncture?

5 Elements treatment is particularly powerful as it focuses on the underlying cause of imbalance, rather than symptoms alone. It also focuses on your mental and emotional state, alongside your relationship to your environment and life choices. All of these factors contribute to your health!