Why You Need To Do What You Love – Heart Electromagnetic Field

Did you know the Heart has an electromagnetic field 5000 times stronger than the brain’s? Often who we think we are is what computes from our brain, but the contribution to our thoughts and feelings from what goes on in the body has a much stronger impact than you think!

Do I Really Need Support? Challenges Of The Work & Corporate Climate

A busy lifestyle in a modern urban corporate environment can be a nightmare for the subtle physiology of the body, mind, emotions and lifestyle. Highly stressed workplace environments take their toll so here we look at some of the challenges, and how workplace wellness initiatives can help.

Listening To Your Heart Is More Than An Idea!

Your Heart has it’s own intelligence system which feeds back to you – in the moment – your direct experience of life and whether it feels fulfilling to you on a deep level. This is essential information as the Heart is an expression organ of the Soul, so you can gain awareness of whether something has really deep meaning for you.

Powerful Worker or Powerful Human Being?

There’s often a strange irony for me when I treat and teach people in corporate positions who are walking through my door wracked with stress and the many corresponding complaints that it creates in the body-mind; fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems and strained relationships.

Why Suffer at Work?

So what’s going on here? Why do so many of us suffer from such stress and lack of nourishment from our chosen job. What I see a lot, is rather than someone’s job being an extension of their inner passions and innate abilities, is that going to work is more like going to battle!

Key Principles Of What Your Body, Mind & Soul Need

This life thing isn’t actually as complicated as we make it, only we live in ways that are so imbalanced against what we need as human beings, and separate ourselves from activities which allow us naturally feel good, through the body.