Actual Yoga is for Everyone and is a State of Being, not Body Shape!

In London I see yoga that is heavily promoted towards lithe 20-30 yr old females contorting their bodies into very awkward postures and this misses the essence of what yoga is! Yoga literally means ‘union’ and is about achieving a particular state of being, not a particular shape with your body!

Sweetness and Light

It’s not always all good in my world either! Just incase it looks like the sun is always shining in my world, I get my challenges too. At these times it’s essential to have your ‘anchors’ – practices which help you find your balance.

The Value of Acupuncture

By the time we consider treatment, there’s often already been a significant ‘cost’ – an aspect of our precious health. Whether it’s our sense of inner peace, energy levels or connection with others we often wait for a deficit before we act. However treatment is in reality an investment to grow.

Understanding The Intimate Chaos of Relationship Dynamics

Understanding two relatively basic concepts, vibration and the chakra system allows a quick and simple way to understand what can seem like the complex dynamics of relationships. We can then learn why we get triggered in unique ways by each person we meet.

Understanding How Your Mind Works

Even with modern science there’s much conjecture as to what the mind is and how it works. I explain: How the mind moves between the external & internal senses; How ‘inner chatter’ is created and the origin of the different ‘voices’; Who’s the ‘observer’; Plus 2 meditations!

Yin & Yang in Yoga as Practice for Life

Our Human state exists on a spectrum from the Yin, solidity, of the body through to the Yang, ethereal nature of our thoughts, and we answer to both forces. When you enter a posture, how driven are you by the Yang force of your mind or the Yin signals from your body?

Perception is Reality! Why You Must Manage Your Inner State

Sometimes the obstructions in our life moving forward originates ‘internally’ – within the body itself. Other times it’s due to the ‘external’ circumstances around us, and we need to learn to manage both. I look at the nature of our ‘internal’ state and how it influences how we see the world.

Powerful Worker or Powerful Human Being?

There’s often a strange irony for me when I treat and teach people in corporate positions who are walking through my door wracked with stress and the many corresponding complaints that it creates in the body-mind; fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems and strained relationships.

New Ways to Find Intimacy and Connection with Your Partner!

I taught the UK’s only dedicated Couples Yoga classes. I firmly believe that being truly holistic means bringing quality mindfulness and presence to all areas of your life. Awakening your senses and increasing your sense of embodiment is perfect to practice with your partner!

Key Principles Of What Your Body, Mind & Soul Need

This life thing isn’t actually as complicated as we make it, only we live in ways that are so imbalanced against what we need as human beings, and separate ourselves from activities which allow us naturally feel good, through the body.

Why Receive Acupuncture?

5 Elements treatment is particularly powerful as it focuses on the underlying cause of imbalance, rather than symptoms alone. It also focuses on your mental and emotional state, alongside your relationship to your environment and life choices. All of these factors contribute to your health!

What Do I Treat?

People often ask me what do I do, and what do I treat? Well the answer to that, if I could sum it up, is that I do ‘Life Acupuncture’. “Life Acupuncture?” you may ask. See the point is that everything we do in life effects our health, and thus we need treatment which considers all aspects of who we are, and what we do.