The Big AI Debate: Will Robots Learn to Meditate? Or More Importantly, Will Humans?

Bengali writer Basab Dasgupta states this week that he does not believe that robots will be able to meditate anytime soon. With the proliferation of modern technology and 24/7 communication culture it’s not really a stretch to also apply this same statement to humanity!

Acupuncture Is Not Only For Pain Relief Says Harvard Prof

According to the latest research from at Harvard Medical School, pretty much everybody can benefit from acupuncture, not only those that look to use it for pain relief. As it moves mainstream, it has also been helping millions worldwide deal with allergies, stress, pain and more.

Sweetness and Light

It’s not always all good in my world either! Just incase it looks like the sun is always shining in my world, I get my challenges too. At these times it’s essential to have your ‘anchors’ – practices which help you find your balance.

What’s Your Overall Life Commitment & Objective?

Have you contemplated your overall life objective and commitment? This is our ‘vertical’ commitment to our individual life path, as opposed to ‘horizontal’ commitments we make with things around us. Once we are clear, it helps us to fill the journey on the way with supportive choices. Richard offers wellness coaching, yoga and acupuncture in Islington, Crouch End, Marylebone & St Albans

The Microcosmic Orbit

The Microcosmic Orbit is a Taoist internal energetic alchemy exercise – essentially it helps to balance your main Yin and Yang energy channels (meridians) within the body, which harmonises both your ability to move into action, and ability to rest.

Yin & Yang and The Forces of Nature

Looking at our relationship to Yin & Yang and the natural environmental forces that act on us and move us through life. Living in modern day, shielded environments from nature can skew our awareness and attunement to natural flow and compromise our health. How attuned are you?

Relationships: Commitment, Resistance, Perspective & Ties!

Relationships! The word commitment crops up all the time, but commitment is multi-faceted. Firstly you need to straighten out what you are committed to in your life, your ‘life objective’ to then make sure that the relationships that you are calling in to your life are in alignment.

Fatigue – The Holistic Perspective

Are you managing both the external stress factors in your life – e.g your job, relationships, home life AND also looking after your internal health with plenty of strong relaxation practices? An imbalance either way can lead to fatigue. It’s good to remember that Tension consumes energy!

Are You Trying Too Hard?

Sometimes we push towards what we ‘think’ we need rather than what the deeper intelligence inside our body tells us. (For me, on this occasion it was a beer, burger and ice cream!) Doing things that are ‘familiar’ can connect to something really deeply embedded within us and help reset the body.

Being Seen

How much of yourself do you really show to the world? And how comfortable are you with showing all aspects of who you are? Often we ‘cherry pick’ with what we like to show to the world!

Body-mind Connection: Core Strength

Been enjoying Pilates I’ve recently taken up with Josue Nunes at Alma Sana Yoga. Been noticing the beneficial effects on my mind as well as body – that I seem to be able to also hold the core of a idea and the integrity of my mental state better as well as the core strength in my body.

The Impact of Online Dating & Dating Apps on Society

As we’ve evolved a great deal of the technology we’ve developed has impacted on real time human interaction. With dating apps, they actually feed the connection paradox. We reach out for them as we are feeling deficient of nourishing contact, and they fuel our desire to connect, but…

Why You Need To Do What You Love – Heart Electromagnetic Field

Did you know the Heart has an electromagnetic field 5000 times stronger than the brain’s? Often who we think we are is what computes from our brain, but the contribution to our thoughts and feelings from what goes on in the body has a much stronger impact than you think!

Understanding The Intimate Chaos of Relationship Dynamics

Understanding two relatively basic concepts, vibration and the chakra system allows a quick and simple way to understand what can seem like the complex dynamics of relationships. We can then learn why we get triggered in unique ways by each person we meet.

Understanding How Your Mind Works

Even with modern science there’s much conjecture as to what the mind is and how it works. I explain: How the mind moves between the external & internal senses; How ‘inner chatter’ is created and the origin of the different ‘voices’; Who’s the ‘observer’; Plus 2 meditations!

Listening To Your Heart Is More Than An Idea!

Your Heart has it’s own intelligence system which feeds back to you – in the moment – your direct experience of life and whether it feels fulfilling to you on a deep level. This is essential information as the Heart is an expression organ of the Soul, so you can gain awareness of whether something has really deep meaning for you.

The Importance of Sleep

While eating well and exercising are essentials many focus on to better their wellbeing, quality sleep is a pillar of good health most of us tend to forget. Regular lack of adequate sleep not only wreaks havoc on your body clock, but also takes you a couple of steps back, health and fitness wise.

Yin & Yang of Awareness: Mind + Matter = the Alchemy of Creation

Yoga and meditation practice facilitates the alchemical fusion of the Yin and Yang aspects of our being – the conscious fusion of mind and body. These forces often become separated, but when bought together with awareness it has an immense energetic, creative potency!

Stress Relief Simplified!

It’s great to find myself in collaboration with other renowned thought leaders sharing our unique perspectives on practices to help us heal. At Stress Relief Simplified summit I explained; Life Purpose in relation to wellbeing, living in tune with nature and simple practices for your daily routine!

Destiny…Spoken Word!

Your destiny is within you. Avoid the trap of thinking it’s something that is ‘going to happen to you’ at some point in the future. It’s your path of highest potential and the blueprint for this is within your Heart – the Alchemical fusion centre where your Soul feels your physical world through your body…

Sun Moon Dance

Since the late 90’s I’ve taken part in Sun Moon and Drum Dances. These dances came over to the Western World through a vision that a Native American, Beautiful Painted Arrow Joseph Rael had. At these dances you dance for 2 or 3 days without Food and Water. Sounds extreme?

Spiral Walk Meditation – Mental & Emotional Cleansing

“Letting go.” If only it was as easy to put it into practice as it is to coin the phrase, which appears so regularly in alternative and spiritual practices. I’ll add that I’m in the camp of understanding that life is always a balance of yin and yang. The ceremony begins by lighting a candle

Addictions: Part 2

In Part 2, we look at the dynamic of understanding your reactions through your body (as opposed to predominately the mental level, where we can misinterpret the gravity of our thoughts) and the importance of practices which integrate the different levels of ourselves.

Addictions: Part 1

I had a bit of a difficult time recently with some of the strain of the busy urban lifestyle and following on from it decided to film a video blog about addictions, the relationship to Stress and how we experience addictions on the different levels of the body, mind and spirit. Hope you find some of it useful!

Autumn Detox

As well as having an acupuncture practice in London and running Creative Yoga London, I also teach, treat and run workshops at Moinhos Velhos, renowned detox centre in the Algarve (rated top 10 in the world by Times Newspaper) as part of their programmes. Part of being healthy is attuning to the energy of the seasons and how they influence our body.

Holistic Wellness Coaching

So for those of you who might be wanting a little bit of help with finding some way with a more holistic way of life, I can be of assistance through my Holistic Wellness coaching business. In my holistic coaching I roll together many threads of my knowledge and experience which will help you to find more balance in your life. It’s tailored to your needs, just like a acupuncture treatment is.


Stress – not the most desirable thing in life. We can buffer a certain amount of strain in life, certain amount of stress but the longer term consequences are that the body enters into a pattern which sends the natural movement of energy within the internal organs into a state of imbalance.

Key Principles Of What Your Body, Mind & Soul Need

This life thing isn’t actually as complicated as we make it, only we live in ways that are so imbalanced against what we need as human beings, and separate ourselves from activities which allow us naturally feel good, through the body.

The Singing Plant :-)

This fantastic piece of equipment at Moinhos Velhos, (originally from Italian community Damanhur) picks up and interpretes the vibration of a plant as music. So therefore as you interact with the plant, so it changes it’s tune accordingly 🙂

Spring is Coming!

Massive period of growth going on here, how are you? So as ever with the more seasonal newsletters we try and place our human experience into the context of nature that we so often become disconnected from in our modern urban lives. So Spring is all about growth, around us and within us – as since I always like to remind you – you are part of nature too, even if you sometimes forget!

Latest Appearance on Trusseau TV

In my regular appearances so far I’ve discussed the philosophy behind my yoga and wellbeing classes; how acupuncture works and what it can treat; the challenges of the modern urban lifestyle (in particular connection with other people) and the Native America style Sun Moon Dances I attend – where you dance for 3 days without food and water! More on those…

Who Are You Really? And What Do You Really Need?

It’s been a long few weeks since Christmas for me and the Creative Yoga project. We’ve been going through a massive expansion and it’s taken a monster amount of work from me and the team. The events we’ve been running have quadrupled and I’ve been trying to make sure the same thread and essence of connection between people has remained the same, true to it’s roots and development.

New January, New You? Blah Blah!

We don’t do empty cliches at my yoga business Creative Yoga London, and the whole ‘New Year new you’ thing is something which is readily wheeled out the closet all too often by business’s without really understanding the energetics that are at work!

It’s Christmas Time!

So it’s coming up to the festive period again (I say again, as the older I get the quicker it seems to come around!) which tends to bring with it a fair few challenges for most of us. So what is nature telling us? It’s a big theme in my acupuncture and yoga work to observe the natural patterns of energy that are going on around us

The Energetics of Autumn and Winter

Autumn and Winter can be the ideal time to receive treatment as at this time, particularly in Western culture, we can become more predominantly out of tune with the energy of the seasons, and what our natural tendency at this time of year would guide us towards.

Philadelphia: Urban v/s Nature

Having spent a good few weeks in the beautiful abundant settings of Moinhos Velhos in Portugal, this is what I noticed on being very quickly deposited into the ultra urban New York and Philadephia!

Destiny…Written Word!

Destiny is within, not some distant object or intangible ether matter that is outside of you. It’s who you are, the connection between your Heart, inspiration, willpower, assertion and resources…

Being ‘Embodied’

Staying ’embodied’ while meeting another person – I notice often that when we are alone we can hold our presence and awareness in our own body, but when we meet another person that can prove more difficult – we tighten up and our energy can become scattered!

Naturally More Attractive – The Power of Your Heart Energy

I did a couple of Singles Yoga events with the legend that is leading dating coach Hayley Quinn. Hayley is extremely well known in the Dating Industry and is unique in that she’s a lady who intensively coaches guys as well as women. Part of what she coaches is how to approach women and my blog is about how from an Holistic perspective the radiance of your Heart Energy can influence this and how attractive you are!

Nature and Negative Ions

Don’t worry I’m not about to get all hippy on you now (I think it’s probably too late for that lol!) I love lots of things about city life and the creative consciousness that it brings, but it’s good not to lose connections with our ‘natural roots’ and the benefits connection with a natural setting can also bring. One of the difficulties of modern living, particularly urban, is that the ‘vibrations’ we often experience around us aren’t ideal.

Journey Back Into The Body. Live There, Or In Your Thoughts?

The biggest thing we forget is as human beings we are also part of nature and governed by the same natural laws as it, the same natural forces acting on us as the rest of creation (Like the effects of the seasons for instance) We forget because we spend so much time in our left brain

Interview with John Wilson about Sun Moon Dance

A chat with John Wilson about Native American Style Sun Moon Dance, where you dry fast (no food or water) for 3 days!

‘Life Path’ Stagnation & Free Flow

I came across some old notes i’d made a while ago around ‘stagnation’ both to do with our physical body and our ‘life path’ Stagnation is the term we use in acupuncture to describe a state where energy isn’t flowing smoothly and freely through a particular meridian or area of the body. Movement can often free up stagnation and make the energy flow more freely, hence why we can sometimes feel better after doing some exercise.

Dance and Movement – Authentic Movement

I’m a big fan of dance and movement, its a fantastic way, similar to acupuncture and Yoga to disperse what we think of as energy stagnation and enable the body to work more efficiently (and put a smile on your face) Stagnation can effect us on many levels – from musculo-skeletal and spinal stiffness to contracted muscles to digestive problems – all signs that the body isn’t flowing as efficiently as it should be.

How Acupuncture Works with Richard Brook

The basics of how acupuncture works, and why I treat points on locations on the body which seemingly have no relationship to the location of complaint, for example why I might treat points on the feet or legs for someone with a Stomach complaint…

What to Expect and Chakra Dynamics Explained

Explanation of what i look for during an acupuncture treatment and also the relationship of our Chakras to our environment and how they can affect our physical body and emotions.

5 Rhythms Dance

Check out my latest urban yogi blog, today i’m talking about my experiences around ‘Spirit’, 5 Rhythms dance, and other aspects of the body-mind connection. Hope you all enjoy it!

Body Activation and Energising Sequence

Check out this great morning yoga sequence with me Richard Brook! Especially geared towards energising the body and mind, follow along and enjoy!

Dance and Movement – 5 Rhythms Workshops

For many years I’ve attended 5 Rhythms Dance, and danced a great deal with Dawn Morgan, ( and also attended many longer workshops with her – from 1 day to 5 days. She’s holding a winter workshop from Jan 14th to the 16th entitled ‘Start the Year!’

Soul, Insight & Personality

Insight…so when we have these moments of insight, of observing ones own inner nature, have you ever wondered what part of you is actually doing the observing? Have you ever wondered at the dynamics of your Soul as opposed to your personality? Here you go!

Student Life

University can be great, but it can also be a harsh and undernourishing exposure to modern living – which ultimately will provide you with vital information about how you want to live your life and choices you may want to make in the future

Acupuncture at Festivals

The last four summers i’ve practiced Acupuncture and conducted workshops at various festivals throughout the country with great feedback from all concerned!

Christmas Flu! We all Need a Break Sometimes

Over the last week to 10 days I’ve not been feeling so good (hadn’t been to work since before Christmas, until I went back last week) and while out dancing on Saturday night and feeling mighty euphoric I must say I had quite a lot of inspiration passing through to write!