Understanding How Your Mind Works

Even with modern science there’s much conjecture as to what the mind is and how it works. I explain: How the mind moves between the external & internal senses; How ‘inner chatter’ is created and the origin of the different ‘voices’; Who’s the ‘observer’; Plus 2 meditations!

Yin & Yang of Awareness – Mind and Matter – the Alchemy of Creation

Yoga and meditation practice facilitates the alchemical fusion of the Yin and Yang aspects of our being – the conscious fusion of mind and body. These forces often become separated, but when bought together with awareness it has an immense energetic, creative potency!

Unity Meditation with Richard

Richard teaches some exquisite meditations. He works strongly with the traditional essence of yoga as ‘union’. This meditation allows you to integrate the different levels of your being – When are you ever more whole then when you are connected to all the various levels that make you up as a human?

The 5 Elements Of Your Mind

Have you ever wondered about the thought patterns that you experience in your mind? Like everything else they have patterns, here I explain how your thought patterns (or ‘internal dialogue’) relate to the energy of the organs within your body and the condition and calibration of the 5 Elements within you, as identified from a Taoist perspective.

Spiral Walk Meditation – Mental & Emotional Cleansing

“Letting go.” If only it was as easy to put it into practice as it is to coin the phrase, which appears with such regularity particularly in natural health and alternative medicine practices. Before I launch into my main topic, and also as an antidote to the over-abundant use of the notion of ‘letting go’ I’ll also add that i’m firmly in the camp of understanding that life is always a balance of yin and yang

Intro to Meditation inc. Meditate with me!

I had a few minutes spare between acupuncture patients so headed to Regents Park for some nature and an impromptu video blog on meditation, including the chance to meditate for a few minutes with me! Suggest you take advantage!

Dynamic Relaxation with Richard Brook

Sometimes we need a progressive relaxation that helps the body to slow down by activating the relaxation response, rather than coming to a shuddering halt where we would be lying still with our mind still racing. This sequence I often use at the start of a yoga class to relax people before we move on to other sequences.

Vipassana Meditation Retreat Experience

Check out my Blog detailing some of my experiences while sitting the 10 day silent Vipassana meditation, from experiencing ‘the light’ to downloading what appeared to be ancient wisdom!