Spiral Walk Meditation

The Spiral Walk Meditation is powerful as it facilitates a mental and emotional level of cleansing. It anchors letting go of the past and creating fresh vision in your life, amazing for a retreat setting.

Creative? Hell Yeah!

Richard was founder of Creative Yoga London before evolving into Creative Wellness. During this time he created, organised and taught some of London’s most unique classes and events! 🙂

Deeply Meditative

Richard teaches some exquisite meditations. He works strongly with the traditional essence of yoga as ‘union’. This meditation allows you to integrate the different levels of your being.

Deeply Relaxing!

Richard is a master at Deep Relaxation! Got a spare 20 mins? Try it out, even without the preceding yoga to prime you up this can still relax you to the extreme, to the depth of your being!

Acupuncture & Therapies

A leading 5 Elements Acupuncturist, Richard has been practising over 10yrs. 5 Elements treatment is powerful as rather than treating symptoms, it targets the underlying cause of them.

Richard Knows His Stuff!

Perception is reality. Or so the saying goes. How conscious are you of your own subtle state of perception and the filter through which you see the world? What is your ‘default’ internal state’ like?