I’m known for producing short vignette’s which capture in words the essence of something healing and soulful. Small snapshots of the many types of energy and philosophy that I work with in my practices.

Path of Division – Words of Wisdom

I’ve often written about how we all have a Dao, or path, which in health we follow and all is good, and how sometimes we stray from it. I had something come through my consciousness about how the separation from our Tao, or natural path occurs, and the stages it happens in and how this fits with a Chinese medicine / acupuncture perspective

Taoism – Richard’s Words of Wisdom


‘We live in a great universal ‘One’. Within that ‘One’ in any given moment you have a place, where in balance your energy meets the world to enable you to be fully whole, to feel at ‘One’. It’s a path of exploration, where our energy will constantly moment to moment lead us and be drawn toward those energies and vibrations which lead to balance and health.

Connection to Heart & Spirit – Words of Wisdom

‘The connection with our Heart is our connection with Spirit, it’s home, our home, look into the eyes of another and all shall truly be revealed, the lights shall come on and the spirit shall occupy ones body, the truth will be seen and magic will be the norm, faith will become reality and

Relationships – Words of Wisdom

‘People don’t belong to one another they belong to Great Spirit. Sometimes some things we do following great spirit may make another person, their lower selves and personality constraints uncomfortable, the ego wanting to create separation.

‘Healing’ – Words of Wisdom

It’s not about trying to change you into something else, just make you more of who you really are’ ‘Energy is constantly, moment to moment, seeking to find balance, to find it’s highest potential’

Dancing – Words of Wisdom

Towards the end of a 5Rhythms dance workshop we were asked to write something. Often though after dancing a while, it’s not quite the same as when you normally write something which tends to come more from your ‘head’ or left brain.

An Ode To Us All…

I recently dug this out from my notes from when I was studying Acupuncture. If you suffer with esteem issues or comparison issues with people around you while studying or working in your chosen profession, then I suggest you substitute the word acupuncturist for that of your own profession! I saw so many people I studied with struggling to recognise their own unique qualities. Do what you Love.