Yin & Yang and The Forces of Nature

Looking at our relationship to Yin & Yang and the natural environmental forces that act on us and move us through life. Living in modern day, shielded environments from nature can skew our awareness and attunement to natural flow and compromise our health. How attuned are you?

Why Yoga Changes How You Think and Feel

Yoga does much more than work on the musculoskeletal system! It can significantly impact your entire state. When you have physiological imbalances it has the power to alter the associated physical, emotional and mental faculties through it’s impact on the connective tissue on the body.

Why You Need To Do What You Love – Heart Electromagnetic Field

Did you know the Heart has an electromagnetic field 5000 times stronger than the brain’s? Often who we think we are is what computes from our brain, but the contribution to our thoughts and feelings from what goes on in the body has a much stronger impact than you think!

Understanding The Intimate Chaos of Relationship Dynamics

Understanding two relatively basic concepts, vibration and the chakra system allows a quick and simple way to understand what can seem like the complex dynamics of relationships. We can then learn why we get triggered in unique ways by each person we meet.

Understanding How Your Mind Works

Even with modern science there’s much conjecture as to what the mind is and how it works. I explain: How the mind moves between the external & internal senses; How ‘inner chatter’ is created and the origin of the different ‘voices’; Who’s the ‘observer’; Plus 2 meditations!

Perception is Reality! Why You Must Manage Your Inner State

Sometimes the obstructions in our life moving forward originates ‘internally’ – within the body itself. Other times it’s due to the ‘external’ circumstances around us, and we need to learn to manage both. I look at the nature of our ‘internal’ state and how it influences how we see the world.