Actual Yoga is for Everyone and is a State of Being, not Body Shape!

In London I see yoga that is heavily promoted towards lithe 20-30 yr old females contorting their bodies into very awkward postures and this misses the essence of what yoga is! Yoga literally means ‘union’ and is about achieving a particular state of being, not a particular shape with your body!

Why Yoga Changes How You Think and Feel

Yoga does much more than work on the musculoskeletal system! It can significantly impact your entire state. When you have physiological imbalances it has the power to alter the associated physical, emotional and mental faculties through it’s impact on the connective tissue on the body.

Yin & Yang of Awareness: Mind + Matter = the Alchemy of Creation

Yoga and meditation practice facilitates the alchemical fusion of the Yin and Yang aspects of our being – the conscious fusion of mind and body. These forces often become separated, but when bought together with awareness it has an immense energetic, creative potency!

Yin & Yang in Yoga as Practice for Life

Our Human state exists on a spectrum from the Yin, solidity, of the body through to the Yang, ethereal nature of our thoughts, and we answer to both forces. When you enter a posture, how driven are you by the Yang force of your mind or the Yin signals from your body?

New Ways to Find Intimacy and Connection with Your Partner!

I taught the UK’s only dedicated Couples Yoga classes. I firmly believe that being truly holistic means bringing quality mindfulness and presence to all areas of your life. Awakening your senses and increasing your sense of embodiment is perfect to practice with your partner!

So What is Yoga?

I actually wrote this at the social after the last Singles Yoga class, watching everyone having a great time! “Yoga is a sense of unity, which through repeated practice on the mat, starts to permeate through your entire being consciously as being your natural state. That feeling becomes transferable as the common..”

Spiral Walk Meditation – Mental & Emotional Cleansing

“Letting go.” If only it was as easy to put it into practice as it is to coin the phrase, which appears so regularly in alternative and spiritual practices. I’ll add that I’m in the camp of understanding that life is always a balance of yin and yang. The ceremony begins by lighting a candle

Need To Chill?! Deep Relaxation with Richard

The Dru Yoga deep relaxation is immensely powerful. Got a spare 20 mins? Try it out, even without the preceding yoga to prime you up this can still relax you to the extreme, to the depth of your being! It’s believed that 20 mins of deep relaxation can equate to 8 hours of sleep