Actual Yoga is for Everyone and is a State of Being, not Body Shape!

In London I see yoga that is heavily promoted towards lithe 20-30 yr old females contorting their bodies into very awkward postures and this misses the essence of what yoga is! Yoga literally means ‘union’ and is about achieving a particular state of being, not a particular shape with your body!

Body-mind Connection: Core Strength

Been enjoying Pilates I’ve recently taken up with Josue Nunes at Alma Sana Yoga. Been noticing the beneficial effects on my mind as well as body – that I seem to be able to also hold the core of a idea and the integrity of my mental state better as well as the core strength in my body.

Why Yoga Changes How You Think and Feel

Yoga does much more than work on the musculoskeletal system! It can significantly impact your entire state. When you have physiological imbalances it has the power to alter the associated physical, emotional and mental faculties through it’s impact on the connective tissue on the body.

What Happened to Creative Yoga London?

With my Creative Yoga London brand I used to run all kinds of unique and exciting events with a connection element – like Social Yoga Tuesdays, Singles Yoga, Couples Yoga and Yoga Raves! However in 2015 and 2016 I began progressing my relationship with working at retreats.

Yin & Yang of Awareness: Mind + Matter = the Alchemy of Creation

Yoga and meditation practice facilitates the alchemical fusion of the Yin and Yang aspects of our being – the conscious fusion of mind and body. These forces often become separated, but when bought together with awareness it has an immense energetic, creative potency!

Yin & Yang in Yoga as Practice for Life

Our Human state exists on a spectrum from the Yin, solidity, of the body through to the Yang, ethereal nature of our thoughts, and we answer to both forces. When you enter a posture, how driven are you by the Yang force of your mind or the Yin signals from your body?

The Plants Talk Back to You!

We all love a good natter to our favourite geranium (at least I hope it’s not just me!) the difference at Moinhos Velhos is that the plants can whisper sweet nothings back to you as well! 🙂

Magical Retreat Centres

There probably is no other place on this planet with the same healing energies as Moinhos Velhos. The centre is directly on a synchronicity line and there are thousands of small quartz crystals.

Potent Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga is graceful and potent, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. It deeply relaxes and builds a heightened sense of positivity. Spare 45 mins? Try it out!

New Ways to Find Intimacy and Connection with Your Partner!

I taught the UK’s only dedicated Couples Yoga classes. I firmly believe that being truly holistic means bringing quality mindfulness and presence to all areas of your life. Awakening your senses and increasing your sense of embodiment is perfect to practice with your partner!

So What is Yoga?

I actually wrote this at the social after the last Singles Yoga class, watching everyone having a great time! “Yoga is a sense of unity, which through repeated practice on the mat, starts to permeate through your entire being consciously as being your natural state. That feeling becomes transferable as the common..”

Need To Chill?! Deep Relaxation with Richard

The Dru Yoga deep relaxation is immensely powerful. Got a spare 20 mins? Try it out, even without the preceding yoga to prime you up this can still relax you to the extreme, to the depth of your being! It’s believed that 20 mins of deep relaxation can equate to 8 hours of sleep

Workplace Yoga Myths and Tips! – Real Reasons To Hit The Mat!

Our preconception of what yoga is (and isn’t) is often a barrier for us even stepping on a mat in the first place and doing something that can be gob-smackingly relaxing and good for us. If this applies to you, and you dismiss even trying the practice because of your ideas about it, then read on, and give it a try!


Stress – not the most desirable thing in life. We can buffer a certain amount of strain in life, certain amount of stress but the longer term consequences are that the body enters into a pattern which sends the natural movement of energy within the internal organs into a state of imbalance.

New January, New You? Blah Blah!

We don’t do empty cliches at my yoga business Creative Yoga London, and the whole ‘New Year new you’ thing is something which is readily wheeled out the closet all too often by business’s without really understanding the energetics that are at work!

Singles Yoga – Is this Yoga? Class Dynamics

I often get asked about how I feel the connection events such as Yoga Dating fit against a common viewpoint which often perceives Yoga as an ‘individual’ practice. Well, the fact that it’s often practiced individually has little to do, in my opinion, with what yoga is essentially all about. The essential meaning of yoga is ‘unity’

Singles Yoga – Social Aspect

So the Singles Yoga classes continue to stir up a lot of interest! People are obviously interested in finding more conscious ways to connect with others – even if it challenges some of their preconceived ideas.

Relationship to ‘Work and Soul Calling’

When we don’t really have a clear idea of our relationship to Natural forces – such as Yin and Yang and how they effect our physiology, we can often strain ourselves by overly aligning to work. In this blog I also talk about awareness of your ‘Soul calling’ and becoming more tuned into it – and how apparently subtle changes in direction can make you feel much better!

Being ‘Embodied’

Staying ’embodied’ while meeting another person – I notice often that when we are alone we can hold our presence and awareness in our own body, but when we meet another person that can prove more difficult – we tighten up and our energy can become scattered!

Working from Home & Office – Health Tips

Working from home and using computers and laptops can provide a few health challenges! Richard Brook shares a few tips to stay vibrant. N.B – when mentioning around day light on your retina the suggestion is to open the window – this is because particular spectrums of light that you need don’t pass through glass.

Intro to Meditation inc. Meditate with me!

I had a few minutes spare between acupuncture patients so headed to Regents Park for some nature and an impromptu video blog on meditation, including the chance to meditate for a few minutes with me! Suggest you take advantage!

Dynamic Relaxation with Richard Brook

Sometimes we need a progressive relaxation that helps the body to slow down by activating the relaxation response, rather than coming to a shuddering halt where we would be lying still with our mind still racing. This sequence I often use at the start of a yoga class to relax people before we move on to other sequences.

Heart Awakening and Activating Sequence

Check out my latest Yoga Video, follow along and enjoy this Heart Awakening and activating Sequence. The music you can hear in the background during this sequence is called ‘Elements’ by Jolander Jonken and Joris Vincken, available from

Body Activation and Energising Sequence

Check out this great morning yoga sequence with me Richard Brook! Especially geared towards energising the body and mind, follow along and enjoy!

Dru Yoga, Acupuncture and Heart Energy!

‘The connection with our Heart is our connection with Spirit, it’s home, our home, look into the eyes of another and all shall truly be revealed, the lights shall come on and the spirit shall occupy ones body, the truth will be seen and…