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Richard is an expert communicator who brings potent holistic practices and wisdom to the modern body and mind in an accessible way.

Richard and his team offer a range of workplace wellbeing options; from yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes in your London workplace to acupuncture packages, specialist workshops as part of your conference, bespoke events, holistic education seminars, wellbeing intensives and retreats featuring multiple workshops. He also offers a unique ‘corporate edge’ holistic intensive programme for those in business or passing through the city who wish to stay as sharp as possible when the pressure is really on.

The benefits of holistic practices in the workplace are enormous, both to employer and employee.

They reduce stress and improve health, which equates to greater creativity and productivity. Progressively minded businesses are also more attractive to progressively minded employees who feel a priceless sense of satisfaction and goodwill that their wellbeing is valued. Find out more

How I Can Help You

Combined Packages

The beauty of intensive wellbeing programmes such as small group intensives, wellness retreats or the ‘corporate edge’ is the combination of treating, teaching, educating and connecting for a truly holistic experience!

Sometimes you learn through the body, sometimes through the Heart, sometimes through the mind and sometimes you just need to surrender and be treated.

I work with you across a range of activities meaning we get deep fast. Very fast. I hear your story in acupuncture, see you move and relax in yoga and see how quickly you grasp concepts in holistic education sessions. With such a broad skill set it means I can really tailor the delivery to meet and support your life challenges.

“Once again many thanks for your hard work and excellent presentation on Wednesday. Good feedback was received from my Doctor and all who attended and you certainly made a good impression with the HSE head” (Wellness Presentation to British Gas)

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Powerful Worker or Powerful Human Being? Richard’s Corporate Wellness London Blog

“There’s often a strange irony for me when I treat and teach people in corporate positions who are walking through my door wracked with stress and the many corresponding complaints that it creates in the body – fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems and strained relationships. Why is it a strange irony? Because these are the same people who have a great deal of power to create a great deal of change. It’s obvious when they look in the mirror they need change AND often they also have a great deal of power to make it happen! Read More

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