Dru Yoga, Meditation & Deep Relaxation

Mondays 7.00pm – 8.30pm, The Skylight Centre, Highbury. Drop in £12. Full details here

Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga. It is based on flowing movements, directed breathing, and visualisation. It works on body, mind, and spirit, improves strength and flexibility, creates core stability, builds heightened feelings of positivity and deeply relaxes and rejuvenates your whole being. It is also gentle, relaxing, and focuses on creating an energy which facilitates the body to release, no need to push or force.

It’s an intelligent yoga that teaches you to be gentle, mindful and comfortable with the body rather than constantly seeking to control, alter or distance yourself from it. It also teaches you a great deal about the mind and embracing your feelings, your senses, and learning to understand them, rather than seeking distraction.

Energy Block Release Sequences

Using unique energy block release sequences, sessions work to subtly release energy constrictions which get held in our body, and particularly in our spine. There is also a particular focus on the Anahata chakra (The Heart energy centre) which creates a heartwarming sense of well-being which lends itself to the body unwinding and releasing.

Dru Yoga deep relaxation with Richard Brook
Meditation London with Richard Brook

Richard Brook Creative Yoga LondonRichard Says…

Dru Yoga, Yoga of The Soul

Dru Yoga is truly a yoga of the Soul. My intention when I teach is really to get you to connect to an immensely deep place within you where you hold the creative intelligence that you need to connect with that enables you to thrive in your life.

A lot of the time when our mind is busy we literally can’t hear ourselves ‘think’- or in essence hear our ‘deeper self’ talk to us and inform us what we need to do to keep our life moving forward.

Heart Opening

Dru has a fantastic way of ‘opening your Heart’ as it’s a gentle yoga which enables you to deeply relax, and when your Heart is relaxed the rest of your being follows suit so your entire body and mind become peaceful.

And the other affect of opening your Heart in this way is that it holds the aforementioned precious ‘deeper self’ information, the essence of your being and creative passions and potential within it, so when you are relaxed in this way it amplifies your awareness in your mind of what you need to do in your life.

While Dru is a gentle yoga, this subtlety is not to be confused with not being powerful! Some of the most powerful transformations we can have are the result of subtle inner shifts which then ripple through our being, our actions and therefore our life.

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While other yoga’s may have a much more challenging physical or Asana (postural) focus, the challenge in Dru is to embrace the stillness. And indeed this can be the ultimate challenge! You may be physically very adept, but contacting your inner self in this way can be a new challenge and is a courageous path as when you take your attention inside you also have to embrace your thoughts and emotions that we are often keen to run or be distracted from. It’s a road to self-knowledge and self-awareness.

Initially lying still against the exquisite stillness of a Dru class can seemingly amplify the thoughts and feelings within, but this is just a layer of ‘cloud’ we pass through on the way to a much clearer state of mind, but if we turn away when we are faced with our own feelings what chance do we ever get to see what’s on the other side? Your feelings often have deep intelligence, or indeed just require your attention in order to dissolve and relax, and Dru provides this possibility. The fact that your mind might be racing when you lie down and close your eyes is actually giving you information that you need to relax, not to jump up and get on with being busy!

Learn To Love What’s Inside

So it’s unlikely I’ll get you to stand on your head in a Dru class, but I might get you to listen to, and learn to Love what’s inside it. If that scares you, just remember that what goes on in your mind is linked to the body, and since Dru is a tremendously relaxing yoga, it’s the strength of the practice in relaxing and harmonising your body that calms the mind. So gather your courage and come and see what’s ‘inside’.

Dru Yoga London with Richard Brook
Social Yoga with Richard Brook

Naturally Relaxed

It’s always a good time to get some natural feel-good factor in your life. As outlined above, yoga is much more than stretching, meditation is more than sitting in uncomfortable positions making strange chants, and deep relaxation is more than sitting in front of the TV with a packet of crisps and a glass of red (all that does is trance you out, with your hypothalamus and nervous system still over-stimulated)

When you’re busy and stressed, your brain wave patterns and hormones change (Cortisol levels increase) and life then appears to be going even faster than it actually does, so you don’t get to enjoy the journey as much.

Time To Slow Down

In this class, we slow down the processes of the body and nervous system, so you go way beyond your ‘normal’ state of relaxation, allowing the body to rest and replenish much more deeply and your nervous system and hormones to re-balance.

Plus you get some of the things you might be missing in your busy life, too – quality awareness of your body and contact with other people.

Sometimes we can get crazy busy, but this heightens the need even more for practices which relax and balance you. At least once a week, you need to let your energy come back inside, replenish itself, and when your energy returns back to the surface, you will have even more than before.

A simple way to look at it is that Amplified Stress = Need for Amplified Relaxation.

What They Are Saying…

Just wanted to say I thought the class was beautiful…very comfortable and flowed through so many different exercises and techniques without feeling rushed. It was nice to lean on people and feel that we are together in this crazy little world, and I felt really relaxed and well stretched by the end. Thanks, Richard! I’ll be back! – Julia

Thank you, Rich, for great classes and your awesome concepts! Everyone should try your classes to feel the true power of connection through yoga. – Yulia

Thank you, Richard! I really enjoyed your class and will be back next week! Haven’t felt so relaxed, peaceful, and calm for a very long time! Just what I needed! And it was fun to meet so many friendly social people tonight! See you next week everyone! – Miriam

Highly recommend this class, folks. I went for the first time last week. Richard guides you along to create a lovely balance between being energised and relaxed. Great for the non-flexible types like myself. 🙂 – Vernon

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