Knowledge is power. Richard is an expert in articulating natural and holistic principles in a clear, accessible way. But his teachings are far more than an intellectual and conceptual game, as the process of conscious realization and understanding can act as a curative bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind. Many of his workshops also contain exercises to facilitate direct experience of the concepts under discussion.

    Body-Mind Connection: Read

    One day in 2010 I sat down to start writing what I thought would be a 2000 word essay on the Chakra system for a yoga training I had been doing. But I started writing and basically couldn’t stop, and 7 weeks later I had 40,000 words on the nature of the Body-mind connection!

    It encompasses understanding I’ve accumulated relating to acupuncture, dance and movement, meditation, yoga, Native American style dance and ceremony, energy work and other body-mind and therapeutic systems.

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    The Nature of Your Mind: Watch

    It’s amazing how the dynamics of the human mind are still so undocumented, when conventional science seeks to quantify so many aspects of our being.

    Even many meditation processes seek to transcend the mental state rather than understand it. My opinion is that it’s better to learn to understand the mind AND employ tools to help you manage it’s state rather than just seek to devalue it. Here I explain the patterns of the mind and ‘ego’. The mind is as much part of who you are as any part of your physiology. Learn to Love it, Love yourself.

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    Holistic Tasters

    How can these concepts and ideas help you? Yin and Yang, for example; Learning about Yin and Yang can help stop you pushing and trying to manipulate your own energy as it helps you to understand that all energy moves through cycles and this is completely natural – everything in nature does – think of the seasons – and since we are part of nature (although sometimes we forget) we too are subjected to those same natural laws.

    Otherwise we can get into mind states where we become fixated on maintaining a certain level or state of energy.

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    Education…to draw out what is within!

    Maps are useful tools, they can help us get where we are going much more easily and quickly, and can help stop us repeatedly going off track which can detract from our journey. How do you feel when you are lost and someone hands you a map showing you the way? A sense of relief? Modern urban living brings us so far out of our natural habitat that we need reminding of what would come much more naturally and instinctively to us.

    The natural principles, wisdom and philosophies I teach to you is like being given a series of maps which can help you frame and understand your experience here in life. It can be such a relief to have your experiences in life being given some kind of context that makes some sense, and can help take away the constant battle in your mind between how you want things to be and how they naturally are. I teach:

    • The Environment-Body-Mind connection
    • Properties of Nature and Urban living
    • Beneficial Dietary and Sleep Advice
    • Exerting conscious influence on the nervous system
    • Yin and Yang
    • The Five Elements
    • Chakra System
    • Relationship dynamics
    • Soul, Ego and Projection

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    Understanding Human Nature: A Users Guide To Life

    by Richard Brook

    Your definitive guide to understanding the human experience! Knowledge is indeed power, so this is one powerful book. Helping you to:

    • Understand The Nature of Your Soul
    • Understand Interconnectedness of Nature and All Beings
    • Understand How Natural Forces Act On You
    • Understand The Mind
    • Understand Relationship Dynamics
    • Understand Healing Practices (Such as Yoga & Therapies)

    An exclusive look at the full contents here!

    “I often say to my patients that true achievement is in balancing ALL elements of your life, not just your perception of achieving at work which is a common pattern. It’s the place where you can look across all aspects of your life, social, work, personal, professional, home and your state of health and wellbeing and think yes, all is well, I am achieving as a well rounded human being!”

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