It’s Time to Thrive, Not Just Survive

What do you really see deep in your eyes when you look in the mirror? Feel in your Heart when you wake in the morning? Sense in your body? If it‘s not exhilaration, passion and vitality then you have work to do!

And don’t fool yourself. It’s time to drop the rationale and justifications as you are in Soul territory now. Your ultimate holistic journey and life challenge is to succeed and thrive as a human being and you know it.

If you’re ready to embrace all of who you are – and be all you can be – I’m here to help. That’s part of my life purpose.

What’s yours?


Put Your Heart Back at The Centre Of What You Do

Access your authentic self. Programmes are bespoke to your holistic needs, whether they are in person or online but can include.

  • Acupuncture and online treatment meditations help you to clear your ‘internal’ blocks and seriously crank up your wellbeing.
  • Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness helps relax you and find your inner voice of ‘Life Purpose’ as you are fundamentally compromising your capacity to thrive if you aren’t doing what you love.
  • Wellness Coaching and Education helps you understand how this giant game of life works. Understanding how natural forces such as Yin & Yang impact your daily life, how relationship dynamics work, and how you operate as part of a greater whole.
  • Programmes can also include Authentic Movement and Creative Visioning
  • And I witness you from the Heart. Be seen and be heard as you are perfection creatively evolving.


Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is the real life coaching. Wellness is:

  • having enough time to dedicate to your relationships, family and friends
  • having enough time and energy to pursue your creative passions
  • is being able to sleep and rest deeply
  • is having a clear mind and a sense of purpose
  • is understanding yourself and having a sense of wisdom about how life works
  • is knowing when it’s time to let things go
  • is making choices that are deeply in tune with what your body needs
  • is having space for new things.

I teach you to find yourself, by yourself, as ultimately, you, or more accurately the deeper intelligence in you, has all the answers you ever need.

Course Material

The 120 pages of course material – all written by me – explains and helps you understand the following:

  • The Soul
  • Nature and Interconnectedness
  • Yin and Yang & The Elements
  • How The Mind Works
  • Relationship Dynamics
  • The Principles of Yoga, Meditation and Deep Relaxation
  • Therapeutic Principles
  • Diet and Digestion
  • General Healthy Living Advice

Much of the content appears in my upcoming book ‘Understanding Human Nature – A Users Guide To Life’ More details coming soon!

Yoga Rave London with Richard Brook

Are You Trying Too Hard?

Sometimes we push towards what we 'think' we need rather than what the deeper intelligence inside our body tells us. (For me, on this occasion it was a beer, burger and ice cream!) Doing things that are 'familiar' can connect to something really deeply embedded within us and help reset the body.
Richard Brook Blog on Electromagnetic Energy From The Heart

Why You Need To Do What You Love - Heart Electromagnetic Field

Did you know the Heart has an electromagnetic field 5000 times stronger than the brain's? Often who we think we are is what computes from our brain, but the contribution to our thoughts and feelings from what goes on in the body has a much stronger impact than you think!

Understanding The Intimate Chaos of Relationship Dynamics

Understanding two relatively basic concepts, vibration and the chakra system allows a quick and simple way to understand what can seem like the complex dynamics of relationships. We can then learn why we get triggered in unique ways by each person we meet.
How Your Mind Works with Richard Brook

Understanding How Your Mind Works

Even with modern science there's much conjecture as to what the mind is and how it works. I explain: How the mind moves between the external & internal senses; How 'inner chatter' is created and the origin of the different 'voices'; Who's the 'observer'; Plus 2 meditations!
Yin & Yang and The Forces of Nature with Richard Brook

Yin & Yang and The Forces of Nature

Looking at our relationship to Yin & Yang and the natural environmental forces that act on us and move us through life. Living in modern day, shielded environments from nature can really skew our awareness and attunement to natural flow and compromise our health. How attuned are you?
Perception is Reality - Wellness Blog with Richard Brook

Perception is Reality! Why You Must Manage Your Inner State

Sometimes the obstructions in our life moving forward originates 'internally' - within the body itself. Other times it's due to the 'external' circumstances around us, and we need to learn to manage both. I look at the nature of 'internal' state and how it influences how we see the world.


Are you fed up with talking heads giving lip service to what you should do in your life and who you should be? Tried coaching before and it’s never worked sufficiently?

The reason is simple. You are unique and you need to find your authentic self (aka your Soul) then have ways of regularly accessing it, then hit the gas in your life, otherwise you are just wasting energy. No one can tell you what to do only help you to find your answers.

The ultimate sense of achievement and satisfaction in life is always internally generated. You cannot kid your Heart about whats important to you. We often stagger in the dark, pinning our hopes and dreams on hunches and assumptions about what we want. You might get lucky. In some parts of your life anyway.

What I do is different. I help you find yourself, and keep finding yourself, with an incredibly potent array of tools and let your instincts take care of the rest. Who doesn’t move forward towards things they like and are passionate about once they have identified them? No one.

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