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I offer the vast majority of my services online. Yes I know that might seem a bit strange, particularly with treatments, but you’ll be surprised! Modern day work and time pressures squeeze our time even more when it comes to self-care and we have to adapt.

Online Treatments

Online wellness coaching with Richard Brook featuring treatments, yoga, mindfulness



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Distance or ‘remote’ treatments are not uncommon in the world of natural healing.

Treatment takes place over Skype, and follows the same form as if you were in the room with me for acupuncture. We have a consultation, then I ask you to sit or lie down while I attune to points, meridians, organs or whatever level of your being is calling for support.

The differences from being in a room with me is that I may ask you to put your own attention into different organs or energy channels (meridians) and we may also work with intentionally supporting the ‘essence’ of an organ and the qualities that it brings to your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Sessions tend to be a little bit shorter than in person (as etheric energy can move more quickly than it’s physical counterpart) and I sometimes combine them with deep relaxation practices. I may also send you some supportive literature to read so you can begin to learn and understand about the Elements and Organs, so you can really begin to help and support your own wellbeing as much as possible too.

Read more about ‘How’ online treatments work

Treatments are also very effectively administered within a wellness coaching programme as we work through a broad range of your health needs and can have greater scope for the tools we use for your support – we may also focus for example on mindfulness, deep relaxation, holistic education or yoga.


It is possible for me, across space, to significantly engage with you.

The understanding that we all interconnected, transcending some of the perceived limitations of time and space, has been recognised in many ancient texts and schools of thought over time.

For those of the more scientific mindset, you might want to do some research around quantum theory.

On a more down to Earth level, you might just want to think of it akin to how you might think of someone, just as they call you on the phone for example! As if they are connecting with you across space.

As you may not have received treatment in this remote way before, I offer the first session at a reduced rate of £40 so you can see if it’s suits you.


First session special offer: £40

Follow Ups: £50

Online Yoga

Online Yoga with Richard Brook



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Everyone has unique needs and unique physiology, and during one-to-one sessions, we can take the time to consult in a way that’s very difficult in a class setting.

One-to-one sessions can also be tremendously helpful if you are a newcomer to yoga, enabling you to gain a basic understanding of the practice and gain a greater awareness of your body and its functions and postural patterns.

Please note, Dru yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, very ‘yin’, relaxing and restorative in nature. It’s not strenuous, so if you are looking for a work-out style yoga, or focused on physique, this is not for you.

It’s an intelligent practice that teaches you to be gentle, mindful and comfortable with the body rather than constantly seeking to control, alter or distance yourself from it. It also teaches you a great deal about the mind and embracing your feelings, your senses, and learning to understand them, rather than seeking distraction.

Read more about online yoga

It is based on flowing movements, directed breathing, and visualisation and works on body, mind, and spirit. It builds heightened feelings of positivity and deeply relaxes and rejuvenates your whole being.

It is also gentle, relaxing, and focuses on creating an energy which facilitates the body to release, no need to push or force.

It is truly a yoga of the Soul. My intention when I teach is really to get you to connect to an immensely deep place within you where you hold the creative intelligence that you need to connect with that enables you to thrive in your life.

A lot of the time when our mind is busy we literally can’t hear ourselves ‘think’- or in essence hear our ‘deeper self’ talk to us and inform us what we need to do to keep our life moving forward. My yoga teaching helps with this.

Energy Block Release Sequences

Using unique energy block release sequences, sessions work to subtly release energy constrictions which get held in our body and particularly in the spine. There is also a particular focus on the Anahata chakra (The Heart energy centre) which creates a heartwarming sense of well-being which lends itself to the body unwinding and releasing.

That approach of muscle conditioning may work for some people to a degree but for most people, you must also “exercise” the internal organs – which effective yoga practice does – to ground and root a change.

Read more about Dru Yoga

Price £50

Online Meditation, Mindfulness, Deep Relaxation

Online wellness coaching with Richard Brook featuring treatments, yoga, mindfulness



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Funny how sitting still and doing nothing can actually be one of the most difficult things to do.

We often think that we can’t wait to ‘switch off’ but then when it comes down to it, what we actually do is distract ourselves instead — TV, laptop, phones, whatever it is to keep away from the dreaded ‘inner dialogue,’ streams of consciousness, or loops of thoughts that pass through the mind.

A busy lifestyle in a modern urban or technological environment can be a nightmare for the subtle physiology of the body, and thus in turn, your mind.

Highly stressed environments take their toll. Whether fast-paced and over-adrenalising or relatively sedentary and desk-oriented, the circumstances combine to stress the body particularly when combined with long hours in front of a screen (which irritates the hypothalamus of the brain).

This strain is further amplified by a 24/7 communication culture, with texts, emails, and calls arriving at all times making it easy to lose perspective of a healthy work-life balance and to lose connection with natural rhythms of activity and rest.

These sessions help not only with calming the nervous system to relax the mind, but also to begin to understand the mind itself, and what you need in relation to the structure of your life and balance of activities in order to keep the mind balanced in the first place!

Read more about online mindfulness, meditation & deep relaxation

Effect on your Mind

All this activity lends itself to an over-busy mind, often still processing information long after work has finished, a sense of inner frustration and feeling of being locked into a Mental Hamster wheel that it’s very difficult to climb out of.

You know what happens when you are in your mind? You lose track of all the good bits of life that are actually going on around you, which, of course, you need to experience through your senses.Get a Grip by Letting Go!

This class is all about getting some kind of a grip (or indeed a ‘letting go’) of the hold that the mind can have on us.

The exercises in this session help to calm down the overstressed and over-stimulated nervous system calming the body which simultaneously calms the mind, thus turning down the ‘volume’ of the inner chatterbox.

It returns a balance to what is essentially the left and right brain function of the brain. When you are over-busy in your mind this associates to excessive left brain function (where you lose body-consciousness and drift consistently in thought) and body centred meditation practices help to stimulate right brain function – as right brain function associates to our senses. So essentially, the exercises in this class help you to come back to your senses, and pull yourself out of relating to yourself as just a stream of thoughts!

Mindfulness v/s Meditation

Although there is ample debate as to the distinction between the two, we work with a general perspective that mindfulness practices are the observation of ‘what is’ – hence you can be mindful whilst driving down a motorway or making your dinner for example, whereas Meditation is more aligned to a transcended state of mind where the senses are more withdrawn – hence driving or making dinner aren’t conducive to this!

However, mindfulness itself is a precursor, and in many a form of meditation so exploring it is very useful as personal growth tool.


The exercises you learn in this class are relatively simple to integrate into a regular routine or practice, outside of the class.

When you start to build an understanding of the root causes of stress learning techniques to manage it become an essential part of your life.

Price £50

Online Wellness Coaching

Online wellness coaching with Richard Brook featuring treatments, yoga, mindfulness


5 sessions: £350

Individual sessions: £80

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My wellness coaching programmes are fully integrated programmes of at least 5 sessions.

They feature a bespoke combination of Acupuncture, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Creative Visualisation and supportive wellness education material with exercises. Session durations are longer than with the individual online sessions to leave time for more extensive tuition.

For more information on wellness coaching programmes, please view here.

What People Are Saying…

“The first treatment I had was so powerful that I felt everything shifting and moving inside of me”

“I literally finished the session feeling like a different person! I could not believe the result I got from one treatment. My entire emotional state shifted onto a more positive and clear level and I felt a whole load of negative energy was released – it was a genuinely profound experience.

Richard is a highly skilled and intuitive healer and I would – and do – recommend him without hesitation to anyone. I can honestly say that in the short time that I have known him he has positively changed the way I am living my life.

– Andrew, London

“He is very welcoming, and a fantastic listener, and I found it easy to share with him”

I was immediately impressed by Richard’s calm, and friendly approach, but also of his knowledge of my skin complaint – and the detecting of another, which had been problematic for several years, and had at that time, been undetected!

He is very welcoming, and a fantastic listener, and I found it easy to share with him not only the background to the complain at hand, but also my own personal background and my hopes for the treatment. Within weeks I had started to feel the benefits of the acupuncture – more calm, which is very important when dealing with skin aggravations – and always enjoyed visiting Richard for my session. After two months, not only had the original skin complaint been almost completely eradicated, but the dormant one too!

– David, Bristol

“I’m convinced there was something getting in the way of me conceiving, and you unblocked those pathways”

Dear Richard

You may not remember me – you saw me a few times out of a clinic in Primrose Hill when I was having trouble conceiving, probably around 2.5 years ago. I’ve been meaning to write you this email for the longest time, and I’m very sorry I haven’t done it before now. The fact is, I now have not one but two beautiful children, and I give most of the credit for that to you. I’m convinced there was something getting in the way of me conceiving, and you unblocked those pathways.

– Laura, London

“One of the most effective, powerful healing journeys I’ve ever been on”

My recent course of acupuncture with Richard was one of the most effective, powerful healing journeys I’ve ever been on. His approach is absolutely holistic – he treats the whole of you – mind, body, soul. I believe he is not just well trained, he is actually gifted – he instinctively knows where every needle should go, and often you can’t even feel them. I would recommend Richard to anyone who is looking for acupuncture – whether that’s for a physical ailment or to just rebalance their soul energy.

– Rudi, London

“It was nice to lean on people and feel that we are together in this crazy little world”

Just wanted to say I thought the class was beautiful…very comfortable and flowed through so many different exercises and techniques without feeling rushed. It was nice to lean on people and feel that we are together in this crazy little world, and I felt really relaxed and well stretched by the end. Thanks, Richard! I’ll be back!

– Julia, London

“I found your sessions incredible and the whole retreat experience was certainly life changing for me.”

I found your sessions incredible and the whole experience was certainly life changing for me. I arrived a stressed out, burnt-out workaholic and mum to two young boys and left ready to follow a more spiritual path. Thank you so much for your time, knowledge, and presence.

– Kay, Cornwall

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