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Richard Brook Holistic Expert London on Trusseau TV

Richard on Trusseau TV discussing Acupuncture & Meditation; The 5 Elements and their characteristics; Sensory diagnosis – colour, sound, odour and emotion; catalysing behavioural change; root and symptoms. Meditation – the natural dynamics of focus and ‘drift’.

Richard Brook Holistic Expert London on Trusseau TV

Richard on Trusseau TV discussing Yoga & Meditation, including; how your thoughts are also shaped by the choices you make in your life; yoga and weight loss; Acupuncture and the treatment of the different levels – body, mind and emotions; The relational aspect of partner yoga and yoga that connects.

Richard Brook Acupuncture London Article in Reset.Me

I recently contributed to an article on the symptomatic use of Acupressure points to alleviate Stress and anxiety, here’s a snippet;

“It’s also important to keep what you are trying to achieve by pressing a point in its correct context. It’s fundamental to understand that whenever you energetically treat a point on yourself, or anyone else, your intention is to move energy towards what I call ‘universal balance.’

By this I mean moving towards balance with the environment and forces of nature around you, such as the seasons, and also connection with one’s own highest potential and individual destiny. This is essential to keep in mind when you palpate a point, as otherwise our ‘smaller mind’ or ego can get in the way…. View the full article here…

5 Elements Acupuncturist Richard Brook discussing Acupressure

Yoga Events and Classes!

Richard Brook Holistic Expert London in Daily Express

The Daily Express dedicated pretty much a double page spread to Singles Yoga and sent along a reporter, Hannah Britt to sample the event first hand. Read Online

“Dating yoga is actually a lot of fun. Any reservations I may have had before the class disappear quickly. With each partner I have a good laugh. After the class we’re encouraged to change out of our gym gear and go for a drink in the bar next door. The up close and personal yoga has been an effective ice-breaker.” — Hannah Britt

Richard Brook Singles Yoga Expert London in Daily Express
Bornrunner Blog on Creative Yoga with Richard Brook

Alice Poon of Bornrunner Blog wrote a fabulous piece on the Camden beach yoga classes at the Roundhouse. Read Online

“Wouldn’t it be an amazing experience to practice yoga on a beach, imagine being able to do this in the very heart of London. A few week’s ago I attended Time Out’s yoga sessions at the Roundhouse beach, Camden in collaboration with Creative Yoga……”  (Photo credit Alice Poon)

Creative Yoga Featured in Om Exchange

Yoga writer Indra Kubicek of Om Exchange checked us out and loved the class. Read here.

“Feeling like a kid again! As we laughed our way through trying to get into some of the poses, I couldn’t help feeling like I was back in gym class and we were playing around freely. It was an awesome feeling!” — Indra Kubicek

Singles Yoga with Richard Brook
Creative Wellness with Richard Brook on NDTV

Top Indian News Channel NDTV came along to check out Social Yoga one of the weeks. Radhika Iyer loved it. See report.

Creative Wellness with Richard Brook on NDTV
Yoga Dating London

Charly Lester of 30 Dates Blog fame was due to pay us a visit, but she went down with the flu, so sent along one of her previous dates, Tim (pictured far left) to check us out! Read here.

“Even though everyone in the room is a complete stranger, thanks to Richard’s positive energy it doesn’t feel overly strange to be doing things you’d only normally do with people you’ve known five years, let alone five minutes.” — Tim

SIngles Yoga with Richard Brook of Creative Wellness
Richard Brook Creative Wellness and Yoga London on ITV

We had a visit from Daniel O’Reilly for his ITV 2 programme. It was a super fun afternoon!

Richard Brook Creative Wellness and Yoga London in Indigo Memoirs

Miguel from Indigo Memoirs came along and was similarly impressed!

“Whether you are into yoga or not Yoga dating is a great place to make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere.” – Miguel

Singles Yoga with Richard Brook
Creative Wellness with Richard Brook on Sky News

Sky News visited us, filming us as part of a report they were doing on a survey relating to British people’s changing sex lives. Apparently, Brits are becoming more adventurous! See Report

Yoga Dating London on Sky News
Richard Brook Creative Wellness and Yoga London in Daily Mail

Daily Mail picked up on Yoga Dating while it was still called “Singles Yoga.” Unlike most of the other coverage, their writer hadn’t actually been to a class, so I guess she was using her imagination as much as anything else! Read Online

Yoga Dating London in OnlyDates.co.uk

Lauren from Only Dates; Dating & Relationships came with her boyfriend when we did a Valentine’s Day Special where you could bring your partner and stay with them all night instead of rotating between the other Singles. Read review here

“You don’t need to panic if you have never experienced Yoga before; the class welcomes people of all levels. I am a total beginner to the Yoga scene, now that I have finally experienced it, I’m hooked. The very talented, and may I say, extremely flexible Richard, demonstrates yoga sequences with his partner, in which we would then recreate with our own partners. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get up close and personal with your date, not only will you form a great physical connection but also a soulful connection too.” — Lauren

Richard Brook Creative Wellness Yoga London in Yoga Magazine

Amanda York wrote about Yoga Dating a while back when it was still known as “Singles Yoga.”

“I believe that with over 2 million single people in London alone that this is one to watch! Who wouldn’t want to attend a class that promises perhaps a future partner and the mission of “gone is yoga done in isolation and in place is yoga that connects – with your body, feelings and spirit, those around you in the class, rhythms of nature and your sense of destiny.” — Amanda

Singles Yoga London in Yoga Magazine
Yoga Dating London in This is Local London

Leisure Editor Tim Macfarlane was given dating advice and coaching for a week by our friend at CYL and leading UK dating coach, Hayley Quinn (pictured centre, right).

As part of Hayley’s dating makeover, she bought Jim along to Yoga Dating. Read here.

“Just as intended, it was suddenly a lot easier to talk to everyone at the bar now we’d all enjoyed various degrees of bodily contact – making a welcome change from the usual six pints and a clumsy pass.” – Hayley

Yoga Dating London with Richard Brook and Hayley Quinn
London Yoga dating nominated for Most-Original-Dating-Event

We were nominated at the UK dating awards, unfortunately we lost out to a dating event that people attended wearing paper bag over their heads. Because, of course that enables you to get an accurate appraisal of whether you fancy someone. We’re not bitter, honest!

Yoga Dating London at U.K Dating Awards

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