Wellness Coaching Overview

These unique programmes are truly groundbreaking, They treat, teach, connect and educate. You receive a cohesive wellness programme with multiple modalities – which can be delivered online or in person that is targeted to suit your needs.

The programmes include treatments, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, deep relaxation, holistic education & creative visioning, all backed up with 120 pages of course material to help you truly understand how nature (the basic human design) and life choices act on you and influence your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. So you don’t just receive, but you learn to truly understand!

Truly Holistic

The word ‘holistic’ can often get thrown around with great abandon nowadays, but I’m not always certain people always grasp the full extent of what holistic wellbeing truly entails.

Everything you do and engage with affects your health. EVERYTHING.

I emphasise this a lot, because it’s really important to grasp it!

People often talk about the Body-Mind connection, but the more accurate notion is Environment-Body-Mind connection. There isn’t one moment when your body, mind, or emotions isn’t engaged and affected by what is going on around you, as well as what is going on inside you.

The understanding of how our body, mind, and emotions are affected by what we engage with around us is often the missing link to achieving outstanding wellbeing. It’s no good sitting in a job for hours doing something you hate and thinking you’ll remedy it by having the best diet ever – your body IS still registering those moments of ‘dead time’ as they are happening and it is affecting you.

The Antidote Syndrome

This often lends itself to what I call the antidote syndrome – where there are areas of our life that aren’t satisfactory – so we throw lots of energy into trying to balance them through other areas of our life and therapies.

So what’s the way out?

It’s in learning to know yourself, what’s in your Heart and Passions (being sensitive to what your body tells you), and learning to understand how we operate as a human being – so we can make better, more informed choices – and create a reality which fits to you as a unique individual.

Don’t get me wrong – we all get stress factors sometimes, and need to ‘cycle up hill’ sometimes as part of our development – but we need to be aware when this is happening and that it doesn’t become our default state. We need to be evolving towards something better.

The True Remedy

Everything in your life, in your environment and what you engage with should give you the best possible nourishment on all levels. AND you also need to start to know yourself better, so you begin to know what you really need (it’s actually in your instincts but we become disconnected from them) and can start to implement the changes. This is where the skill is in life, the true remedy, and you have to start somewhere!

So what do I provide? I provide you with the practices and therapies to help you practically get to know yourself, and re-engage you with your instincts and deeper intelligence of what you need. But I don’t just want to feed your mind, body and spirit, I want to engage all your faculties too.

As my mantra goes: I want to treat, teach and educate. I can treat you on an individual level, teach you yoga postures and help you go deep into the inner stillness to find and know yourself. But the last point is as important as the others, I want to educate you. I want to engage your mind as much as nourish your body and emotions.

The Outcome

You will feel nourished by the sessions and activities and you will also feel more in tune with what you need in your life. In addition you will also understand more about the dynamics of how you operate as part of the vast interconnected web of life on this planet. This enables you to make sure you are taking care of your basic needs and structuring your life in an intelligent way rather than a haphazard way or through trial and error.

You become a more powerful and potent part of the human web – when you are thriving you feed the whole much more than if you are bereft of inspiration and passion.

And you will feel like you have learned something, not just had an antidote to the rest of your life and then go back to the same situation, thoughts, feelings, and perspective.

“true achievement is in balancing ALL elements of your life, not just your perception of achieving in one Element, such as work, which is a common pattern. It’s the place where you can look across all aspects of your life, social, work, personal, professional, home and your state of health and wellbeing and think yes, all is well, I am achieving as a well rounded human being!” Richard Brook

Are you a true achiever?

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