Richard Brook Corporate Yoga London and Bespoke Retreats and Events
Richard Brook Corporate Yoga London and Bespoke Retreats and Events

Workplace Yoga

Our classes address both the broader wellbeing issues that are common within the modern day workplace as well as being tailored to the individual needs of your business.

In a broad sense the benefits of yoga in the workplace can be seen as alleviating the effects of poor posture, the over-stimulation of the nervous system, emotional frustrations / workplace tensions and the lack of body-awareness that happens when spending extended periods of time in front of a screen. It’s also very beneficial for the digestion system, as this can also get compromised through stress, poor posture and eating habits we often adopt at work.

On a productivity level, yoga also promotes the creativity and learning capacity of employees as it stimulates greater perception and creativity, which of course also helps with your business efficiency and profitability.

Workplace Specific Benefits

I work with a fantastic team of teachers which means we are able to draw on a number of approaches to meet your needs. All our classes cater for mixed ability, but we listen deeply to what your specific workplace requires.

As you know, sometimes there’s a need for reflection and relaxation, sometimes inspiration and a broadening of perspective, sometimes fun and creativity, sometimes wellbeing education, sometimes colleague connection and other times, stillness.

We discuss the specific needs of your business and match you with the best teacher.

Colleagues leave sessions feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and energised, with fresh perspective and clarity for the rest of the day ahead. The work atmosphere lightens, and team spirit improves which naturally benefits the entire workplace, not just those who’ve been in the class.

Dru Yoga and Deep Relaxation London with Richard Brook

I don’t just employ great teachers to work in my team, they are great people! They all resonate with my own approach that alongside wellbeing practices a sense of connection and community are fundamental to health!

Yes, we also supply yoga mats for free if you book a series of classes!

Powerfully Human, Authentic Employees

Aside from the commonly recognised benefits we have outlined, there are also numerous other benefits to consider from introducing yoga to the workplace. It is an excellent way of creating a work force full of vibrant, balanced, powerful people, empathetic to the needs of not only their colleagues but of course your customers. Visit Blog

Self Development

Additionally, yoga tends to facilitate many other areas of self development and wellbeing which are of tremendous benefit not just for the lifestyle of the employee but also for friends and family. Interest in diet and nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, natural therapies, exercise & movement based practices are all common offshoots of regular yoga practice.


Ongoing Classes

For an ongoing weekly programme of classes, at your workplace:

  • £70 for 60 minutes
  • £80 for 75 minutes
  • £90 for 90 minutes

One-off Classes and Events

Prices are available on request for intermittent, bespoke, one-off or individually tailored sessions.

Mat Supply

For an ongoing series of classes I can loan mats free of charge if we are able to store them at your venue, or help you to purchase them for yourselves at a reduced rate with our trade discount. Please note, if you are intending to supply your own mats it’s wise to do some research and source toxin free mats. With yoga mats, cheaper is generally not better!

For an individual class or event, price for mat supply is available on request.


If you do not have a sufficient space within your facility, I may, depending on availability, be able to schedule sessions from one of our regular venues for an additional fee.

Remote Sites

Do you need holistic support at your remote site? Film set? Schedule permitting my team can spend a few days with your employees offering the full range of treatments, classes, wellness workshops and deep relaxation.

Corporate Yoga Workplace Wellbeing London

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